Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 880

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Julian turned to look at Diana. Then, he asked Sean, “If Daddy stays with Mommy, can you and Betty
take care of yourselves?”

Betty had servants to care for her, and she had just finished bathing.

“Yes.” Sean nodded. He whispered something to Betty. Though she didn’t speak, her eyes were bright
with joy. They both nodded in agreement.

So, Julian ended up staying in the guest room of his own house.

What a miraculous day!

Before he closed his eyes, he wondered how he ended up staying on Diana’s bed. Did she really not
teach the children to act like that?

If not, why did he always feel like Sean was assisting her…? Or was it just his imagination?

Meanwhile, Diana was still in the bathroom.

‘She’s been in there since the children left, doing who knows what. Maybe she’s just playing hard to
get. I won’t bother with her… I won’t!’

After all, it was his house. If something really happened, it wouldn’t reflect well on CoIlina Villa’s
reputation. If he ended up not liking the house anymore and decided to sell

it, it wouldn’t fetch a good price.

With this in mind, he got out of bed and stood by the bathroom door. He knocked it gently and said,

Diana was in a lot of pain. Fortunately, the sanitary pads Julian bought came in handy. Even so, the
pain in her stomach was unbearable. It felt like someone was squeezing her abdomen, twisting it like a

It had been a long time since she felt this much pain.

Diana curled up on the toilet seat, pressing her stomach. She knew she must look pathetic right now.

“I’m here. What do you want?” Julian said.

What did he want?

“I’m just checking on you. If you’re dying, don’t die in my house, and don’t give the kids a chance to find
out. It’s better for you to die far away from here.”

He finally stopped pretending. As soon as the children left, he showed his true colors.

Just now…

Diana was annoyed. This man’s appearance had almost deceived her. She gritted her teeth and said
angrily, “If I die, I won’t let you know! So that…”

‘So that we won’t meet again in the afterlife, and I won’t have to see you! You’re annoying!’

She tried to say that several times, but ended up doubling over in pain before she could finish. Her
stomach was hurting, and sweat slid down her face.

Outside the bathroom, Julian could hearthat something was wrong. Her voice sounded surprisingly
weak. He frowned, displeased.

“Why didn’t you drink the tea I gave you?”

She hadn’t had the chance to drink it yet, duh!

Ever since she entered the bathroom just now, the pain had been severe. Fortunately, it was slightly
better now.

With Julian was standing outside the door, she was afraid he might barge in at any moment. She felt
like someone was holding a knife above her head, ready to strike anytime.

When Diana regained a bit of strength, she quickly seized the opportunity to get dressed. Then, she
walked out of the bathroom.

Her lips were frighteningly pale.

Julian immediately recalled the past. Whenever she was in severe pain, he would hold her tightly in his
arms. He would gently massage her stomach until her complexion got better, and only then would he
let go. Finally, he would give her a cup of chamomile tea to help her sweat it out and warm her

On those nights, she would hold onto his pajama sleeves tightly. Whenever there was even the
slightest pain, he would gently massage her stomach. She could sleep more peacefully that way.

And now…

His brain couldn’t keep up with his actions. Before he knew it, he instinctively held her.

His hands were despicable!

Julian wished he could chop them off.

Diana was completely bewildered. She hadn’t expected Julian to hold her so suddenly.

She leaned against his chest, listening to his strong heartbeat. Her complexion gradually turned redder.

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