Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 878

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Diana suppressed her anger. She put down the spoon, smiling, and asked Julian patiently, “So, what
do you want to eat?”

He didn’t want to eat anything.

And he definitely didn’t want her to look at him like that.

“Something green,” he replied reluctantly.

Despite saying that, he still opened his mouth and waited.

Seeing that he expected her to feed him again, Diana shuddered uneasily. If it weren’t for the kids
being present, she would’ve asked him if he felt anything towards her, and if he planned to do
something that would betray Cecilia.

That made her feel disgusted at him.

Julian noticed that her expression was off. He belatedly realized that he had obediently followed her
whims again, implying that he wanted her to feed him.

It didn’t matter; he would just treat her like a servant.

Having discovered that Diana had found a way to enter the villa, he let her stay. He also sent all the
other childcare candidates away.

With her as free labor, why waste money on others? Besides, who could be a more reliable caretaker
for the children than their own mother?

With that thought, Julian felt much more at ease.

“Quick, give me some vegetables,” he ordered.

Diana’s hand paused, but she quickly picked some spinach and put it in his mouth. She maintained the
smile on her face. “Is it good?”

“No,” he replied as he quickly swallowed, “I want something else.”

Diana sneered, “If it’s not good, why did you eat so much? You have a good appetite.”

Julian ignored her sarcasm. The more unhappy she looked, the satisfied he felt. After finishing one bite,
he wanted another. “I want more.”

By the end of the meal, almost everything he had eaten was spoon-fed by Diana. In the end, Diana
hadn’t eaten much herself.

Sean was puzzled. “Daddy.”

His son called him “Daddy” again. Whenever Diana was around, Sean would call him “Daddy” more

Julian found it pleasing to the ears. He wiped his mouth with a napkin, his elegant gestures completely
natural-as if he hadn’t been fed by someone else just now.

“What’s wrong, Sean?”

“Nothing.” Sean shook his head. “I just find it a bit strange.”

“What’s strange?”

“Why don’t you feed Mommy? Aren’t men supposed to care for women?”

Simon had always told Sean that when he grew up, he should take good care of his wife.

‘Even though Daddy and Mommy are divorced, Mommy’s living with us now. She’s also a woman. Why
isn’t Daddy taking care of her?’

Instead, he made Diana feed him all the time. Her arms must be tired.

Sean was unhappy. Betty also looked at Julian, gazing at him intently.

At that moment, Julian felt a sense of tension like never before. “Daddy was testing Mommy, I… I just
wanted to see if she’s qualify as your nanny.”

“Oh,” Sean said, “so Daddy is also a child.”

When Julian made Diana feed him, he was testing her.

Clearly, Diana hadn’t expected things to take this turn. She fed Julian not just to create a harmonious
picture, as the doctor had advised, but to show the kids a united front as parents. She wanted to create
a relaxing environment for Betty, too.

Yet, in Sean’s eyes, it seemed she was just simply feeding Julian as she would do for her children.

“Your acting skills are so clumsy,” Julian said to her. “I’m not the only one who saw through it with a
glance. Sean did, too.

Sean didn’t sense any affection from her actions. He only felt that Diana must be tired from feeding

“In that case, you do it,” Diana said helplessly.

This man always mocked her, no matter what she did or said.

Why were her acting skills clumsy?

How did he see through it at a glance?

Aside from pretending to feed him with affection, she hadn’t done anything that required acting skills!

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