Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 877

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Julian looked at Diana, who stood downstairs.

As always, she had guessed that he would let Zachary go today.

He became more certain that she was faking her amnesia. She was making such a fuss, always
looking for ways to benefit herself and never hesitating to do whatever it takes- just like the rest of the

She actually thought she could use an excuse as ridiculous as amnesia to bury the past, and return to
his side.

He would never accept it!

During their meal, he treated Diana with indifference. At first, Diana didn’t care about his cold attitude.
However, she thought about the doctor’s advice and looked at the two kids sitting at the table. They
didn’t say anything, but they could sense the tense, unpleasant mood around them.

She smiled, picked up the spoon, and took the initiative to serve Julian some soup. “Here, let me feed

Julian tensed up. “What are you doi-“

Before he could finish speaking, she pinched him hard and gave him a signal with her eyes.

“Eat it!”

It meant she would act with him. It was a preparation for the kindergarten interview.

He turned his head away, and secretly touched the spot she had pinched him under the table.

That hurt!

Julian gritted his teeth and said coldly, “I won’t do it.”

Whether they loved each other or not, or had a perfect family, or were in harmony, these weren’t things
that could be acted out.

He hadn’t sunk so low that he would pretend to make something fake real!

“You won’t drink the soup?” Diana smiled at the two kids, then turned back to him with a fake smile.
She placed the spoon against his lips. “Be good.”

She was acting as if she was coaxing a child. No, it was something more than that.

Diana kept on smiling, her bright eyes sparkling and pure.

“Be good. Open your mouth,” she insisted.

He didn’t want to!

This woman was too good at acting. He absolutely couldn’t be fooled by her!

Seeing his hesitance, Diana thought Julian had forgotten the doctor’s advice.

Forget telling him about creating a relaxed environment for Betty, they wouldn’t stand a chance during
the kindergarten

interview if they continued to be so stiff. They needed to at least get along a bit before the interview.

She leaned closer to Julian. A gust of warm breath rushed past his ears. He grew dizzy from the
closeness, tempted to surrender to her whims.

“Ah,” Diana demonstrated, gently pinching his face. “Open your mouth.”

“Ah,” Julian said, copying her. He still hadn’t reacted when a spoonful of warm soup entered his

The warmth spread from his throat to his belly, all the way down, carrying her tender sweetness.


Tender sweetness?

It was all an act!

Julian wanted to spit out the soup.

“Why did you force-feed me?” he demanded unhappily. “I don’t like this soup.”

“You should have said so earlier.”

She knew he was particular about things, but she didn’t expect him to be this particular!

Still, they were in front of the kids right now.

It was the first time the children saw them interact this way. Sean and Betty stared at them, looking
solemn and curious.

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