Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 874

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Diana was shocked.

She couldn’t believe these were words coming from Sean’s mouth. Astonished, she asked, “Sean, do
you know what the basement is?”

“I know.” Sean nodded. He often heard about it in bedtime stories. “It’s very cold, dark, uncomfortable,
and there are mice.”

Diana felt even more upset. “Then why did you say that you want Mommy to live in the basement?”

He held Diana’s hand. “That’s the only way you can stay. Betty and I need you, Mommy.”

To fulfill his needs, he was willing to let her live in a basement with mice. His words sent a chill up her
spine. Was this the same boy who once said that he would protect her?

Diana tightened her grip on his small hand. “Then why don’t you leave with Mommy?”

Sean shook his head.

“I need Mommy, and I need Daddy too.” He stood by the window, and pointed downstairs. “Look at that
bad man. He doesn’t dare to be arrogant in front of Daddy.”

The shadow Zachary cast over the two children was too significant. It made Sean believe that he was
safer with

Julian than with Diana.

His perception broke Diana’s guard. What right did she have to blame Julian? Both she and him were
inadequate parents.

While she was lost in thought, Julian took the opportunity to take Betty from her arms.

He was feeling triumphant because Sean refused to leave with Diana, but Betty suddenly started
crying. She was even more frightened than before.

Diana didn’t have time to think about anything else. She smacked Julian and snarled, “Julian!”

This time, she didn’t need to say much; Julian voluntarily handed Betty back to Diana.

Just like before, Diana held Betty tightly and comforted her, walking several circles in the room until she
finally calmed down.

Diana tried to control her emotions, not wanting to shout and make Betty feel worse. She shoved down
her anger and glared at Julian.

“Do you realize how ridiculous you were to force Betty just now?”

Julian regretted it somewhat. After all, Betty was a little girl, and his methods had been a bit too harsh.
Still, he didn’t want to admit defeat.

“I’m still more successful as a parent than you. Otherwise, Sean wouldn’t be willing to let you live in a
basement with mice,” he boasted.

His words hit a sore spot in Diana’s heart. Though she loved her children, she didn’t indulge them.
Sean’s willingness to sacrifice others’ opinions for his own desires was problematic.

She was about to say something to Sean, but he turned to Julian and said, “Daddy, why don’t you
clean up the basement quickly?”

Even after Julian had scolded Sean last night, the boy didn’t hold a grudge against him. Julian
considered Betty’s current condition, and felt relieved.

“The basement is damp and cold. Even if we clean it, it’s hard to control pests,” he said.

If Diana stayed there, the two children would likely be exposed to bacteria should they visit her

“The guest room would be a better option.”

The mansion had so many rooms, there was no need to trouble themselves. Julian didn’t want to make
the children suffer.

Sean looked back at Julian, smiling faintly. “So, you agree to let Mommy stay here? As the saying
goes, a spoken word is like a thrown stone. Once let go, it can’t be taken back.

Thank you for fulfilling my wish, Daddy.”

Julian was speechless.

Sean turned to Diana and said, “Mommy, let me see Betty quickly. Let’s call the doctor. Betty looks so
pitiful now.”

Ultimately, Julian decided to let it go.

Seeing how Sean had transformed from a silent child to one willing to express his wishes, Julian
pushed aside the idea that Sean might be manipulating him again.

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