Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 873

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“Diana! Stop right there! Do you hear me?”

Diana continued walking forward, still ignoring him. She still had to find Sean.

“Shh, don’t cry. Everything’s okay now. Mommy is here. Daddy was a big bully. He hurt you, right? But
my darling doesn’t want to hit anyone. My baby is a good girl. Mommy knows that,” she comforted
Betty as she slowly climbed the stairs.

Julian followed behind her, intending to stop her. As he watched her move skillfully through the
mansion, his gaze turned sarcastic.

Seriously, hadn’t this gone on enough?

She was clearly maneuvering through the place with familiar ease. He would be the biggest fool in the
world if he believed her claim of being amnesic!

Finally, Diana found Sean.

He hadn’t gotten out of bed yet, and was wearing a patched- up pajama with cartoon patterns she had
deliberately added to cover the holes. His pajamas were a far cry from the luxurious and exquisite
children’s room he was in.

Seeing it made her uneasy, so she turned her face away and took a deep breath.

But at least, she found them. She was with her children.

Her tightly wound heart finally relaxed a little. Her eyes wandered around the room, finally locking onto
the bare bookshelf.

She knew Nina wasn’t lying last night.

Julian not only scolded Sean, but he also confiscated Sean’s books!

This man’s need for control was too strong. He even wanted the children to obey him without question.
If they couldn’t do it, he would resort to force.

This was not being a father; it was the same as how he would oppress his business opponents!

The more Diana thought about it, the more her heart ached. The children were still so young.

She touched Sean’s head, then reattached his little lucky bracelet. “Sean, put on your clothes. Mommy
will take you away.”

Sean hesitated for a moment.

At that moment, Julian pushed the door open and walked in.

“Diana, you’re trying to take the children from me again when you have no right to do that!” His cold
voice was filled with disgust, freezing Diana in place.

“I’m not trying to take them from you,” Diana retorted, holding Betty tightly and not letting Julian touch
even a hair on her. “I’m giving the children a choice, just like you did.”

She crouched, and looked at Sean. “Sean, do you want to go

with Mommy?”

He was scolded harshly last night, and cried alone for a long time. He must be feeling frustrated, and
was no longer willing to stay here.

Suddenly, Julian became nervous.

However, Sean still stood firmly by Julian’s side.

“Mommy, I don’t want to go.” He looked at Diana, and then at Julian, and added, “But I also don’t want
you to leave.”

His face was calm, and he held his head high. He was clearly making a request, but there was a
natural air of condescension on him.

At this moment, Diana had to admit that sometimes, some inherited traits couldn’t be avoided. It was
something no amount of education or influence could change. Sean was so much like Julian.

“Your daddy and I,” she started, her throat tight, “we’re already divorced.”

“I know that divorced means we can’t live together anymore, ” Sean said, “but you can live in the
basement. That way, it doesn’t count as living with us in this villa.”

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