Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 872

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Diana couldn’t bear it anymore, and stepped out from her hiding place.

In that instant, Julian thought he saw the Diana of the past. Whether it was her temperament, figure, or
even her expression… Everything was exactly the same.

In the past, he once took Diana to attend his grandmother’s private banquet. Originally, the banquet
was only for his grandmother’s close friends.

But some of her friends had ulterior motives; they brought their granddaughters, hoping to introduce
them to Julian and potentially secure a good marriage. At that time, Diana and Julian had just gotten
married. Nobody believed their marriage would last.

No one took Diana seriously.

Madam Fulcher had been angry about it too, and even broke off contact with her friends for a while.

However, she couldn’t reprimand everyone individually at the banquet.

“Julian, if you want Diana to establish her position as a prominent member of the Fulcher family, it’s up
to you and her. No matter how much I say, it won’t be as effective as you two showing your affection for
each other. By doing

that, you’ll stop attracting rotten people like them,” Madam Fulcher had said.

Julian had understood Madam Fulcher’s intention, so he appeared at the banquet with Diana.

That day, Diana put on the same elegant makeup. It was different from her usual appearance, but it
was also quite like her. He thought she might feel timid, scared, and at a loss when facing the
scheming women. He expected her to seek his protection.

Yet, she didn’t.

Instead, with just a few words, she put all those women who wanted to attach themselves to him in
their place. In fact, she even became the host during the latter half of the banquet.

She stood gracefully under the colorful glass lights, and in front of everyone, you like to dance with

At that moment, Julian’s eyes were filled with admiration.

Seeing that he did not react even when she held Betty, Diana couldn’t help but feel more upset. “Julian!
What are you daydreaming about?”

She had given him the children.

Was this how he treated them?

When Nina told her that the two little ones were crying last night, Diana thought it might be because he
couldn’t take care of them properly and so ran into some problems.

Now that she was witnessing how Julian treated a sick child who was frightened out of her wits, the
anger in her heart exploded into a blazing inferno that was ready to burn everything in its path.

Julian remained indifferent. “Diana, put Betty down. There are some things she must face on her own.
Otherwise, her emotional scars will never heal.”

She held Betty tightly, trying to give her daughter a sense of security. “Her emotional scars? Let her
handle it on her own?!”

She shot Zachary a sneer. “Is this your idea of being brave? To have such a young child confront an
elderly person who caused her psychological trauma?”

“An elderly person? Hah,” Julian sneered. “He’s just a thing unworthy of respect.”

All the money he had used to support the Winningtons for years was nothing but a waste. He never
expected them to come after his daughter after he had fattened them up so much!“You’re being
completely unreasonable!” Diana yelled.

She realized he wasn’t even considering Betty’s actual problem, and decided to ignore him completely.
She headed toward the living room with Betty in her arms.

“Where are you going?” Julian called after her, but then realized something else. “Wait, how did you get

Diana didn’t answer. Her greatest fear was not being able to see her children. Now that she had seen
them, there was nothing in the Fulcher family that she feared—not even Julian.

She wasn’t afraid of him at all.

Her only fear was that Betty’s condition would worsen.

She didn’t even bother to acknowledge Zachary.

Diana only wanted to hold Betty tight, and give her the comfort she needed to calm down as soon as

Julian followed behind her relentlessly.

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