Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 871

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It all began the moment Betty saw Zachary.

Before that, her little mind replayed every detail of how this old man had hurt her and her mother. Now,
she longed to be embraced by someone trustworthy.

Unfortunately, her mommy wasn’t there.

So, she threw away the wooden stick and rushed into Julian’s arms.

Being suddenly embraced by the child, Julian could feel her trust and affection.

Betty hadn’t shown her emotions for a long time. Since their reunion, she had been passive. Julian had
to take the initiative to hug, speak, and interact with her before she showed any reaction.

But with Zachary’s appearance, Betty had changed.

This proved that Julian’s approach was correct.

The doctor had said that in order to recover, Betty must first resolve her emotional entanglements.

In Julian’s eyes, Zachary was the problem. He was convinced she would regain her strength and
courage once she faced the man who had hurt her and Diana. Her condition would then make
significant progress.

Thinking about this, Julian’s face turned cold. He hardened his heart, and reigned in the tenderness he
felt for his daughter.

He put her down on the ground again, and handed the small wooden stick back to her, saying, “Good
girl. Go and hit him.

Hit him as much as you want.”

He held her hand, and slowly guided her toward Zachary.” With Daddy here, you don’t need to be
afraid. Just let it all out.”

Release all the fear and terror in her heart!

Every time they took a step forward, Betty would retreat slightly.

Her small hand gripped the wooden stick tightly, and she looked anxiously at Julian.

That was good. She was starting to express her emotions again, and her face was no longer blank.

Julian decided to pick her up and placed her right before Zachary.

The old man was bent over with his cane, his face covered in a long, white beard like a rope. The sight
shook Betty’s little heart. She looked up, and burst into tears.

Julian was unwilling to give up on his progress and continued to persuade her. “Betty, be a good girl.
Pick up this wooden stick and hit him. With Daddy here, he won’t dare to harm you.”

Zachary also understood what was going on.

He was invited by Julian today, but it wasn’t a joyful occasion.

It was to vent his anger on Betty’s behalf.

“Mr. Fulcher,” Zachary pleaded earnestly, “this child is Diana’s illegitimate child from another man.
Please don’t be deceived! The other day, I hit her and her mother to help you clean up the mess!”

Julian’s eyes turned red upon hearing his words. “Zachary!”

The scene where Zachary had hurt Diana and her two children played vividly in Julian’s mind. His veins
throbbed, and he snarled fiercely, “Say one more word, and I’ll cut out your tongue!”


This child really wasn’t Julian’s! When Zachary went to Diana’s house to pick her up before, she
explicitly stated that these two children had nothing to do with Julian.

Yet somehow, that despicable wench made Julian accept them.

Zachary was always scheming, and his face had a cunning look devoid of any righteousness.

Betty looked at him as if he was the big bad wolf that swallowed Little Red Riding Hood. She was
scared out of her wits, and the small wooden stick in her hand shook violently.

Julian continued to urge her sternly, “Betty, listen to Daddy.

He hurt you and Mommy, so you must fight back!”

This was a lesson his grandfather had taught him repeatedly since he was a child. Now, he would
teach Betty the same. He wanted her to become strong on her own, and never allow herself to be
burdened by the trauma of being bullied.

However, Betty wasn’t like him.

She stared at Zachary with wide eyes as she held the stick, her little face turning white with fear.

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