Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 870

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Although Diana managed to get past the gate, she had to face Layla next. Layla was in-charge of all
matters concerning CoIlina Villa, and she would surely be involved in recruiting a teacher for the twins.

When Diana got injured from the car accident, Layla stayed by her side and took good care of her.
They could be considered familiar with each other.

Diana might have been able to fool the security guards at the gate, but if it was Layla…

Diana wasn’t confident that she could fool Layla.

Very soon, someone came to tell everyone there to get ready for the first round of interview. Only those
who passed could stay.

Diana clenched her fists. She stared at the dazzlingly white marble floor, feeling so nervous that her
nose was sweating.

The interviewer saw that she wasn’t responding, and said impatiently, Tm asking you a question.”

That was when Diana finally looked up. She quickly realized that the interviewer wasn’t Layla.

She sighed in relief, her body relaxing.

Because she had personally raised the twins, she knew how to raise children and had practical
experience. Answering the interview questions was as easy as pie for her.

She successfully passed the first round of interview.

However, her goal wasn’t to be the twins’ teacher.

She was here to see the twins.

In the best-case scenario, she could take them away from here.

Given her previous experience here, she knew that doing so was nearly impossible, especially since
she was on Julian’s territory.

She would be satisfied if she could see them and make sure they were fine.

During the interview, Diana made a mental note of the villa’s internal structure. She guessed that the
twins were probably on the second floor.

During the second round of interview, Diana answered two questions wrongly on purpose. The
interviewers waved their hands impatiently and said, “You’re eliminated.”

That was exactly what she wanted!

Someone pulled her toward the exit, not allowing her to take another look at the other rooms. “This way
to exit.”

“Alright, alright,” she said as she lagged behind.

She couldn’t leave this place. She had to see her children!

Diana was about to look for the twins’ room when the door of the villa opened, revealing a black
limousine slowly grinding to a halt.

The car door opened.

Zachary stepped out.

What was he doing here?

Julian clearly knew what the old man had done. Why did he still let Zachary into the villa?

Seeing him, Diana couldn’t hold in her anger. She wanted to give Zachary a piece of her mind, when
she saw a figure with his back against the light.

It was Julian!

Frightened, she turned around and ran to hide behind a tree. Julian might notice her and chase her out.
She was so scared, she didn’t dare to breathe.

“Mr. Fulcher,” Zachary said flatteringly. With Julian, he seemed like a different person than when he
was with Diana.

He hobbled on his cane, bowing low as if he wanted to bury his head into the ground. “I’m honored to
be invited here.”

“Is that so?” Julian asked quietly. “How honored are you?”

“Mr. Fulcher, you’re making fun of me.” Zachary waved his hands to signal his men to move all the gifts
he had prepared out of his car. ’These are my tokens of appreciation for you.”

Julian ignored them completely. “Did I tell you to stand?”

Zachary was stunned, and his smile froze. “Mr. Fulcher, w-what do you mean by that?”

“Exactly as I said,” Julian replied. “Continue bowing.”

Zachary’s forehead broke out in cold sweat. “I don’t understand…”

Julian ignored him. He turned around and ordered someone to carry Betty downstairs. “Betty.”

Very soon, Julian had Betty in his arms.

“Betty.” Julian handed her a wooden stick. “Hit him.”

Betty didn’t take the stick. Instead, she stared at Julian in a daze.

Julian insisted on stuffing the stick in her hand, then pointed at Zachary.” Hit him, Betty!”

This time, Betty took the stick. However, her eyes were teary. She was terrified.

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