Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 865

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 865

However, Julian Fulcher was impenetrable.

He never gave Kiki a chance.

“Not Doreen,” he said, “but my own daughter. My biological daughter.”

Shiloh was bewildered.

Had Diana returned?

Did she bring the twins that she was pregnant with as well?

So, they turned out to be girls…

Why hadn’t he heard about this from Kiki?

Shiloh wanted to ask more, but Julian had already hung up.

“Is Betty done with her bath?”

“She needs more time,” Mrs. Lay said. “Sir, please wait a while longer. I’m applying some baby lotion
on her.”

Children’s skin was soft and tender, and had to be protected well.

That was especially so for Betty, whose face had been injured by Doreen. Mrs. Lay had to apply the
scar removal cream carefully to lighten the mark left on her face.

By the time everything was done, twenty minutes had passed.

The gears in Julian’s mind shifted as he stretched out his arms.

He suddenly felt relieved.

Finally, he could have some me-time after a hectic day. He felt as if he had been granted great mercy.

He stretched his arms, and did some stretching exercises. He was about to check his phone when he
remembered Sean, who was in the room next door.

Julian had brought the twins back home on account of Betty’s poor condition. As such, he paid more
attention to Betty.

Of course, there was another reason.

Sean spoke little, and never asked for anything. Sometimes, if he didn’t appear, people might forget he
was around.

Guilt rose in Julian’s heart, and he immediately headed to the room next door.

“Done bathing?”


Sean insisted on doing everything by himself instead of bothering others, and that included feeding and
bathing himself.

His actions were very much like Julian when he was younger.

Admiration flashed past Julian’s eyes. “Shall I read some bedtime stories for you?”

This time, he took the initiative to read Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs before Sean could ask for it.

But after reading one story, his throat started feeling uncomfortable.

Sean’s eyes were still wide open, looking at him.

Julian was shocked. “Why are you still awake?”

The last time he read Sean a story, the boy fell asleep by the time the story ended.

But this time, Sean still looked awake.

When Sean refused to talk, no one could make him open up.

He pulled his sheets and shook his head to indicate he wasn’t sleepy.

After a moment’s thought, he grabbed another book with the intent of reading in bed.

“That’s not good for your eyes,” Julian said. As much as it was good that Sean was eager to learn,
there was a time and place for everything. “Get some rest.”

Sean’s brows furrowed, clearly upset. He refused to put down the book.

Julian grew even more displeased. “Sean Winnington!”

He raised his voice. “Put the book down and sleep!”

Yet, Sean refused to obey him.

He continued flipping through the pages, insisting on his way.

Julian was worried Sean would hurt his eyes and ruin his sleep. He pulled the book from the boy and
said, “Read it tomorrow.”

Sean didn’t oppose him.

Upon seeing Sean so obedient, Julian felt apologetic. “I spoke too loudly just now. Don’t be angry.”

He tucked Sean into the sheets, then checked the room temperature to make sure it was neither too
cold nor warm.” I’m doing this for your own good.”

With that, he switched off the lights and left the room.

The moment he stepped away, he heard a click.

The lights in Sean’s room were switched on once more.

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