Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 863

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 863

Diana didn’t expect the guard to get physical with her, and immediately fell back.

Her headache worsened so badly that she curled up into a ball, looking as if she was going to roll
around at the villa entrance.

Julian looked at the real-time image from the surveillance camera, sneering.

This woman was addicted to acting.

He had no idea how he fell in love with her in the past.

He almost lost his life for her, too!

“Daddy.” Sean came in search of Julian, wanting to ask him about looking for a doctor for Betty.

Julian hummed in reply, and immediately switched off the screen.

He didn’t want Sean seeing his mother in such an ugly state.

It would negatively influence his psyche.

Julian turned around and said, “The doctor isn’t coming. I’ve asked him, and he said that the most
important thing is to unravel the knot in Betty’s heart. I’ll settle it tomorrow.”

He had the confidence he could cure Betty.

He wouldn’t do a worse job as their father than Diana as their mother.

Plus, he’d make sure the twins stay here. He’d never allow them back with Diana.


After Sean left, Julian switched on the screen again and looked at the guard who shoved Diana. He
zoomed in on the image and sent it to Noel, his eyes cold and disdainful.

“Fire this man.”

After dinner was prepared, Julian went upstairs to take the twins for dinner.

Betty was in low spirits, and her appetite had worsened.

The kitchen had prepared many different dishes over the past couple of days, but Betty didn’t eat

Julian grew increasingly anxious with each passing day.

So, he decided to carry Betty in his arms and feed her tonight.

“Have some vegetables,” he said. He had consulted a doctor, who advised him to ensure the twins
have a balanced diet.

For children, feasting on meat and expensive delicacies wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Seasonal
vegetables were a necessity in their diet.

But Betty turned away, not willing to look at the food.

Julian coaxed her patiently, “Betty.”

He looked at her petite face, and suddenly felt as if he was hugging a younger version of Diana.

He wondered if she once had chubby cheeks that made people want to pinch them.

Damn it.

What was he doing, thinking about that drama queen for no reason?

Julian shook his head and focused on feeding Betty. “Open your mouth,” he coaxed.

He put Betty on his lap, and wrapped his arm around her. He held her chin with one hand, and
positioned the spoon at her mouth with the other.

Before, he had instructed the kitchen staff to mince the vegetables, so they’d be easier to chew and

Some of the vegetables were cooked in creamy soup that was easy to drink.

All so Betty could eat a little more.

However, she didn’t appreciate Julian’s efforts.

She refused to eat, and shoved Julian’s spoon away with all her might.


The spoon and the vegetables fell on the floor.

The green vegetable juice, mixed with the soup, made a mess of the clean marble floor.

The servants were swift in cleaning up the mess.

Despite the herculean effort Julian was putting in, he couldn’t make Betty take a single bite.

Sean couldn’t bear to see things go on like this, and said,” Betty wants some meat. She doesn’t like
vegetables. She’s always been like that.”

Julian was upset. “And your mother doesn’t care?”

No wonder the twins were picky.

She had spoiled them so!

He had been wrong when he said that she was a great mother.

That woman couldn’t even get her life in order. How could she take on the responsibility of caring for
the twins?

Thankfully, he brought the twins to his home.

If not, they would only suffer along with her!

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