Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 862

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 862

“Sir.” “Yes?*

“Women need to be coaxed.”

“Coaxed?” Julian didn’t understand. “Coax who?”

Which woman was worthy of such effort?

“Grandma isn’t around anymore, and Di…” He paused for a moment before continuing viciously, “Do as
I say and treat Diana Winnington like she’s dead “

Since their reunion, Julian knew Diana was no longer the same Diana he knew.

He didn’t have a place in her heart. She would even criticize him harshly.

Mrs. Lay disagreed with him.

To her, Julian was being too harsh.

But before she could persuade him, he spoke first. “Mrs. Lay, if you gave birth, could you possibly not
know who the biological father of your children is?”

Mrs. Lay shook her head, stunned by Julian’s question. “No.”

Julian said, “But that’s what happened to Diana.”

He acknowledged that she was a good mother, but it didn’t mean he approved of her actions.

If she hadn’t deliberately hid the truth from him, he would have reunited with his children much earlier.
He wouldn’t take so long to realize that the twins were his flesh and blood.

He wouldn’t even need to be apart from them in the first place.

Diana was the one who stripped him of his right to be with his children over the past three years.

Rather than believing that she had come clean about the twins’ origins and made peace with him
because of her conscience, he would rather believe that her and Simon’s relationship had gone wrong.

That was the only reason for her to think of him.

“Don’t forget. She wanted to be my sister-in-law before. A week ago, she was acting right here-
pretending to suffer from heat stroke,” he said.

A drama queen had no right to expect people to believe her.

Mrs. Lay felt sensed something was wrong.

However, she couldn’t say anything when faced with Julian’s icy expression.

She could only do as she was told, and not take any liberties.

Right after Julian decided to ban Diana from entering the villa, Diana came calling the very next day.

The first day after the twins left, she didn’t feel much.

In fact, she felt a relief she had never experienced before. After finishing up work at the studio, she
immediately returned home and deep-cleaned her entire house from top to bottom.

As she lay on the clean floor, she looked around the empty and quiet apartment and the spotless
kitchen that was worlds apart from the chaos of the past, when she had to prepare dinner for the kids.
Somehow, she felt empty inside.

She stood up and gathered the toys the twins didn’t like playing with.

As she did so, she began wondering how Betty was doing.

Did her condition worsen?

Or did it get better?

What about Sean?

Did he miss her?

Diana squeezed the clover bracelet Sean left behind, feeling increasingly uneasy with each passing

Julian was a man capable of throwing away the twins’ bracelets. Could he watch over the twins

Would they end up getting hurt?

Collina Villa was so huge.

Would the twins get lost inside?

What did they eat? Did they eat well?


The more she thought about it, the more her heart threatened to explode.

Diana immediately stood up. In the blink of an eye, she arrived at CoIlina Villa.

“Pardon me.”

The security guard stopped her outside the villa, forbidding her access. “Mr. Fulcher has ordered that
dogs like Diana Winnington aren’t allowed in the villa.”

Dogs like Diana Winnington aren’t allowed in the villa…

Diana trembled, agitated.

Why did those words sound so familiar…?

She couldn’t help but crouch and hug her head. She could feel it buzzing painfully.

“I really need to see the twins. I’ll just take a quick look at them to confirm they’re alright, and then I’ll
leave. Tell Julian Fulcher I won’t stick around and refuse to leave.”

The security guard ignored her, and shoved her aside. “I told you, you’re not allowed inside. Scram!”

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