Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 861

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 861

“He even said I couldn’t get him even if I wanted to. Well, I don’t even want him in the first place!”

“Cough, cough…” Nina pulled Diana’s shirt. “Err, Diana…”

“Don’t pull me.” Diana pushed Nina’s hand away, and continued complaining as she cleaned the
house. “Don’t you think so too? His face looks like an ice mountain, so hard and cold and stubborn.

Where did he get that confidence to say that I’m into him?

My career’s doing much better than before, and I survived the challenging days of raising my children
all by myself. I’m looking forward to better days ahead.

Why would I spend my day thinking of such a cold and stubborn old man?”

The thought almost made Diana laugh.

“No way, no way,” she said between giggles. “It’s impossible between us.”

The moment she said that, she heard someone reply through gritted teeth, “It better be that way.”

At once, Diana jumped in fright and looked up. “Why are you still around?”

Hadn’t he left already?

Where was Nina?

Julian saw through Diana’s thoughts. “She hasn’t come clean about how she tricked Vans into stealing
my toothbrush, so she scurried away like a rat.”

He didn’t need to say anything for Nina to slink away guiltily.

“I’m here to give you this,” Julian said. He reluctantly took out a bracelet.

This was something Sean had worn since he was one month old.

The bracelet had a clover charm with the word “lucky” carved on it. Conversely, Betty’s bracelet had a
little lock charm.

It seemed her son wanted to leave a memento behind.

The smile on Diana’s face deepened. She immediately stood up to take the bracelet, as if her
unhappiness had all but disappeared.

Before she could take it, Julian flung it on the couch. The little bracelet disappeared without a trace.

Diana glared at him, seething.

Julian was indifferent. “Look for it yourself.”

Diana was furious. “That belongs to Sean! How can you be so careless with it?”

“I’m cold and hard and harsh, after all. It wouldn’t be strange for me to do that.”

Diana was stunned into silence.

Strange how he would always hear her speaking badly of him.

She knew she was wrong to begin with. It wouldn’t be good if things between them continued this way.

She didn’t say anything to him, and moved to the couch to look for the bracelet in between the gaps.

Julian left, but he felt stuffy and uncomfortable.

Even after he returned to Collina Villa, the fire in his heart continued burning.

“Mrs. Lay,” Julian instructed after sending the twins to their room. “Pay close attention. If Diana dares to
come here to see the twins, chase her away.”

Mrs. Lay looked unhappily at Julian. “Sir, there’s nothing wrong with a mother visiting her children.”

He was being too heartless.

What’s more, it had been proven that the twins were the Fulcher family’s flesh and blood.

It was proof that Diana didn’t betray Julian with Simon.

Mrs. Lay didn’t understand why Julian had to be so cruel to Diana.

“Nothing wrong?” Julian sneered. “Mrs. Lay, let me ask you one question. Am I very old? Am I old and

Mrs. Lay was confused. But she was always on Julian’s side, and was immediately upset on his behalf.
“How could that

be possible?”

Her boss was devilishly handsome, so much so that even celebrities on television couldn’t compare.

“Why not?” Julian said mildly, his voice reeking with resentment. “I heard someone describing me like
that with my own ears.”

Mrs. Lay’s blood boiled. “Who could be so blind?”

Julian felt slightly better to see Mrs. Lay standing on his side.

He said casually, “Diana.” Mrs. Lay was stunned.

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