Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 859

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 859

How could a child so young have such thoughts?

Diana was just as shocked.

Sean never failed to surprise her.

She never expected him to remember that. Next time, she must be careful talking in front of her son.
She couldn’t let him get exposed to the troubles of the adult world.

“It’s not a problem for me,” Julian said. “I’ll send someone to look into whichever kindergarten you want
to attend.”

All Julian needed to do was to say the word.

Sean smiled, but then shook his head.


“Why not?”

“We should go through the official process,” he said righteously.

Normally, Sean spoke little. When the situation called for it, though, he knew a lot of big words. He was
always so clear and articulate.

“Daddy, you must set a good example for us. That way, when Betty and I get in a tough spot in the
future, we won’t look for an easy way out. Rather, we’d count on our own effort to gain victory and

Julian almost broke into a cold sweat when he heard that.

Was Sean really a two-year-old child?

Over the past week, Julian had looked through many documents and short videos regarding children.

He found a two-year-old on the internet who was as witty and smart as Sean.

The boy had a unique mind, could speak fluently, and had a wide vocabulary.

He even gained many fans on the internet.

Julian didn’t expect his own child to be as interesting.

He didn’t get angry at Sean, nor did he think Sean was pushing his luck. Instead, he became even
fonder of the boy. “Sure. In that case, what do you think we should do?”

“Fight for an interview slot with Mommy, then enroll Betty and me in the kindergarten.”

Diana was silent.

Julian asked, “How should we do that?”

If they used the official route, it wouldn’t be easy to secure a spot in Richburgh’s kindergartens.

Julian had no clue about the official enrollment process.

But since Sean knew they needed to fight for a spot, Diana must have the experience.

“You, Mommy, Betty, and I are one happy family.”

That would silence that awful lady who spoke badly of his mother. Sean vowed that she would never
mock his mother ever again!

Julian felt slightly faint, and turned to look at Diana. ‘What’s all this about?”

Diana smiled awkwardly.

She didn’t expect Sean to mention that.

After the afternoon, Julian was finally clear about one thing.

Sean’s mind was even more complicated than Diana.

It was impossible for Diana to teach Sean to do or say the things he said. All of it was his own doing.

“Don’t you think I’m the one who taught him to ask something like that?”

Julian shook his head. “You can’t. He has his own ideas.”

Diana’s lips curled. Julian added wistfully, “Sean inherited my perfect intelligence and wit. He even
looks like me when I was a kid.”

Julian’s tone clearly indicated that Diana was the loser on this front.

She remained silent.

She didn’t mind what he said earlier, but his later statement…

Diana looked at him. “Does Sean resemble you a lot when you were a kid?”

‘Yes, he does. I’ll show you my childhood photos next time.”

They seemed to sense that something was amiss right after Julian said that. It didn’t feel appropriate
for them to gather around photos, especially those of him when he was a child.

Diana knew her place.

She quickly pretended as if Julian didn’t say anything, and changed the subject back to the twins’
kindergarten. She asked nervously, “Do you agree with what Sean said?”

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