Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 858

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 858

His words pierced right through Diana’s heart.

So, her son wasn’t abandoning her.

He didn’t choose his rich father over his poor mother, either.

He simply thought that resistance might lead to more suffering. Given that he had experienced the pain
of getting dragged into the adults’ conflicts, it was understandable.

Diana hugged Sean even tighter. She couldn’t bear to let him go. “Sean, I’m so sorry. I’ve been so busy
with work and taking care of Betty that I’ve neglected you.”

He was also a child.

How could he possibly consider so many things?

He was clearly hurt as well.

Yet all he was concerned about was how to become stronger, so he could protect her and Betty.

Her son didn’t abandon her.

But her overwhelming joy quickly gave way to deep, aching sorrow.

Julian was wrong.

She wasn’t a great mother.

She forced her children to bear so much at a tender age.

Perhaps letting Sean and Betty leave with Julian was the right thing to do.

It was the right choice.

Sean didn’t need to live life as if he were walking on eggshells all the time.

He would have many options to choose from and access more privileges.

He wouldn’t fear getting bullied.

Diana reluctantly put her son back down on the ground. “Be good, Sean. You just need to focus on
growing up happily. Mommy will be fine. From now on, don’t think so much. Two- year-olds like you
should be having trips to the beach, play with balloons and kites, roll around on grass, or beg me to let
you watch cartoons.”

They shouldn’t be like Sean, so overly mature.

The price of being this mature was simply too heavy.

It weighed heavily over Diana’s heart, giving her pain.

It hurt even more than the thought of her children abandoning her.

“Julian, I’m counting on you,” she said. The color had returned to her cheeks, and Julian thought she
looked just like how she did before she left Richburgh.

Yet, there was now a huge gap between them.

They couldn’t return to the past.

Their children, who had grown so tall, were proof of that.

Time was passing them by so quickly.

They had to look ahead.

“Of course,” Julian said. He carried both children in his arms, and Noel grabbed the luggage.

Just as they were about to leave, Sean suddenly said, “Wait.”

Julian stopped in his tracks. “What’s the matter? Did you forget something?”

“No. Betty and I are fulfilling your request by going home with you. In that case, you should agree to a
request of mine too.”

Julian was stunned.

He didn’t expect Sean to say that at this point.

“I want us to attend Bilingo Kindergarten,” Sean said.

The past few days, he heard Mommy and Nina talk about their kindergarten.

He liked it there.

He could protect Mommy, and prevent her from getting bullied.

Sean could recall his mother telling him about someone picking on her when she visited the
kindergarten. The staff looked down on her for being a single mother. They said her children weren’t fit
to attend the kindergarten, and they even laughed at her.

Mommy got angry, and insisted on turning up for their interview.

But now, she had missed the date.

Sean knew Julian was all-powerful, so he said, “Something so small wouldn’t be a problem for you.”

Julian, who was being praised to high heavens, looked at his son’s cool expression.

For some reason, he suddenly felt like he was being used.

This brat…didn’t seem to be acknowledging him as a father.

Rather, Sean seemed to be using him for help.

No, he must be overthinking things.

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