Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 855

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 855

Those were indeed Julian’s exact words.

He was so frustrated, he couldn’t even reply.

After a while, he snapped, “Are you done?”

“No!” Diana took a deep breath. “You’re right. You were basically raising children while not knowing a
thing about them. You’ve never experienced the pain and heartache of giving birth. How could you be
anything but a happy and ignorant father?”

“Watch your words, Diana!”

The way Diana said it made it sound like he had been cheated on, and had raised children that weren’t

Now that it was confirmed that the two children were his flesh and blood, her words made him

Julian crouched, annoyed. “The children are still here. Could your temper be any worse? It’d be great if
you scared them all away. You’d be happy, wouldn’t you?”

This man never had any kind words for her. Diana was hurt by his accusations, but dared not speak
loudly again.

“I’m more upset about Betty’s condition than you are,” she said. “Regardless, you have no right to
criticize me.”

Julian sneered. “Everything you say is unacceptable, as always. I don’t know where you got such a

It was always like this.

Why did they always argue whenever they met?

In truth, it was because he never really listened to what she was saying. He only saw her unusual

He heard every word she said with meticulous scrutiny, but he couldn’t see the vulnerability and
sadness hidden behind her anger.

Perhaps he just didn’t want to see it.

Diana tried to convince herself that they had nothing between them except the children.

She shouldn’t feel sad or wronged because of his attitude.

Seeing the two of them at odds, Sean felt uneasy. He held his sister’s hand tightly and looked at Julian.

Last time, he could call Julian “Daddy” with ease. Now, he couldn’t bring himself to say it.

Sean knew that this time, Julian had come to reunite with them.

Julian looked at him expectantly. “What did you want to call me, Sean?”

“Dad…” Sean said. The word “Daddy” seemed to be stuck in his throat, and he couldn’t say it out loud.

“It’s okay. If you can’t say it now, just wait and try again later.”

Julian was much gentler with Sean than he was with Diana.

Even his usually firm jawline softened as he spoke. “Let’s take our time. Daddy was wrong before.
Daddy delayed coming here and picking you and your sister up. Daddy made you suffer.”

Every word he said sounded like he was scolding Diana; as if she, as their mother, didn’t do enough
and made the children suffer. He was saying that the children would only have a happy life after
returning to him.

Julian really meant it.

To him, Diana’s emotional life was a mess. She had complicated relationships with Oliver, Simon, and
many other men—it wasn’t conducive to the children’s growth.

Even economically, she was far inferior to him. She couldn’t even find a proper kindergarten to enroll
them in.

What right did she have to keep the children with her and take care of them herself?

Julian held Sean’s hand, and hugged him and Betty. His eyes were filled with love.

“Sean, come home with Daddy. Daddy will figure out a way to cure your sister. Daddy will find the best
doctors in the world to help her recover as soon as possible. Daddy has everything. You’ll be much
happier with Daddy than staying with Mommy.”

Listening to his shameless words, Diana couldn’t believe that he came to reunite with them, and that he
didn’t see them as a burden.

No, the only one he saw as a burden was her!

He was bluntly expressing his opinion in front of the children. He didn’t want her to be with them, and
wanted to exclude her from their lives.

Luckily, she knew her own children well.

“Sean won’t agree,” she said.

‘He won’t want to leave me, his mom,’ Diana thought confidently.

Sean glanced at Diana, then said determinedly, “No, I agree. Mommy, I want to go with Daddy.”

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