Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 857

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 857

He didn’t dare think about why he was unhappy.

He feared thinking too deeply might make him lose control of his emotions.

However, he couldn’t stop himself from patting Diana’s shoulders to console her. “You’re a great

If he were in her shoes, he might not have done a good job like her.

At the very least, he’d find it tough to not be upset with the twins.

But she chose to swallow the pain and treat her children with great patience.

No wonder Sean was always so calm and composed, and Betty was so bright and chirpy before she
fell sick! It wasn’t just due to their nature, but because they had a great mother.

“You’ve taught them well, and you’ve been a great example to them. You were right. I’ve misunderstood

He shouldn’t have been so arrogant and assume he could treat the twins better than Diana did.

Still, he would give his all to make sure the twins enjoyed a happy and carefree life. “I’ll treat them well.
Don’t worry.”

Diana nodded, her eyes filled with tears.

She didn’t want to cry before Julian.

She’d feel even more of a loser.

All she could do was hold her tears back with all her might.

She tried so hard, her knuckles turned white. Then, she turned around and handed the twins’ luggage
to Julian.

“All their favorite toys and clothes are inside. If there’s anything lacking, I suppose you won’t mistreat
them and give them what they need at your house.”

Julian took the luggage, noticing her red and swollen eyes. He pretended to see nothing, and turned to
leave the room silently.

Sean checked their luggage and asked, “Mommy, where are the pajamas Betty and I usually wear?”

Diana sewed the pajamas for them by hand. Nothing in this world, not even expensive and precious
clothes, could compare.

“Well, they’re very old. You two have grown out of them.

Your father will buy new pajamas for you.”

“But they didn’t become shorter,” Sean insisted, “we can still wear them.”

Diana reluctantly took the pajamas out.

Julian noticed that Sean’s pajamas had traces of being mended.

Seeing the look in Julian’s eyes, Diana felt even more embarrassed. This was precisely why she didn’t
want to take them out.

She was afraid Julian would talk about the difference in their financial states.

She started to regret how frugal she had been.

Sean’s pajamas were clearly breaking apart. Why couldn’t she just throw them away?

She had to insist on mending it and making Sean wear it.

Now, it became fodder for Julian to laugh at her about.

“Mommy, quick. Give it to me.” Sean took the pajamas from her and stuffed them into the luggage.
Then, he hugged her tight. “Mommy, Betty and I will wear the pajamas to sleep every night.”

That way, they wouldn’t feel they were separated from their mother.

Sean knew that divorced parents wouldn’t live in the same house.

He couldn’t ask his mother to live in Mr. Julian’s house right after acknowledging the man as his father.

Some things needed more time.

Mommy often told him to be patient, and that haste makes waste.

At Sean’s words, the sorrow in Diana’s heart burst forth.

She hugged Sean tightly. “You little brat. Can you really bear to leave Mommy and go with your father?”

‘Yes, really.” Sean nodded. He glanced at Julian, then leaned in Diana’s ears and whispered, “Mommy,
Daddy’s strong and powerful. If he wants something, even if we don’t agree to it, he’ll make us agree to
it. I don’t want you to get hurt again.”

Sean remembered how Diana got into a car accident when Julian took them away from her.

This time, Sean immediately agreed to Julian’s request without hesitation.

Sean rubbed his face against Diana’s ear, his skin soft and as smooth as silk. “Don’t worry, Mommy.
When I grow up, I’ll protect you in my own way.”

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