Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 853

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 853

Julian’s face alone was already superb. Coupled with his slim figure, it would perfectly showcase the
advantages of the clothes—no matter what he wore.

Diana soon came out fully dressed. There was admiration on her face.

Julian was momentarily stunned by her gaze. He even forgot what he was about to say for a moment. It
had been a long time since they interacted peacefully.

Diana was the first to break the silence. There was an unavoidable anticipation in her eyes. “You came
here today to…”

“To take Sean and Betty away,” Julian replied calmly, without the slightest intention of arguing. There
was no room for negotiation.

Diana was completely stunned. A second later, she was overwhelmed with anger.

“I won’t give you the children!” She was furious. “If I had known this would be your reaction once you
confirmed the results, I would’ve kept this from you forever!”

After all, Sean had told Julian that he had switched the samples.

The one who didn’t believe it was Julian!

After Diana got the latest paternity test results, she foolishly went to his place. Regardless of their
feelings, she thought that at least Julian and the children would have a touching reunion.

Her children would be delighted. Perhaps even Betty’s condition would improve rapidly.

And yet…

After Julian had sorted out his thoughts and come to find her, the first thing he wanted to do was take
the children away.

Diana displayed the determination she had when she took away his sports car before. “You know very
well I won’t let go of them. If you still want to repeat what happened last time, I’ll crash the car into you.”

Her face had turned considerably red due to anger. Julian recalled last week’s afternoon. She stood
foolishly at the entrance of CoIlina Villa, just to tell him he was the children’s father.

At that time, he had doubts about it. After all, Sean was too young. He found it hard to believe that the
boy could switch the samples right under his nose.

Later, after he took various things and did the test several times, he finally believed it.

Sean and Betty were indeed his flesh and blood.

In the past, he had placed his hand on Diana’s belly, enjoying every moment of their babies-as if they
would come to him, and he could embrace them.

When the results were confirmed, he was excited. At the same time, he was anxious.

He also felt regret.

He was happy that the children were his, and he was happy that Diana hadn’t betrayed their marriage
with Simon.

He was anxious about whether he could be a good father or not. After all, he hadn’t been involved in
their lives for three years. Not long ago, he even told them he never wanted to interact with them again.

Clever little Sean should have heard those harsh words, and Julian wondered if the boy could really be
so indifferent about it.

Regret came because he didn’t verify the samples properly when he first did the paternity test, and for
not believing Sean’s words.

“I misunderstood you back then, and it was my fault,” Julian said. His tone was light but sincere.

Diana didn’t expect his attitude to suddenly soften. Her tone became gentler.

“Misunderstand me? What did you misunderstand?”

Julian glanced at her, and Diana met his gaze fearlessly. It was just like when she bravely reached out
to him during his clumsy proposal in the past.

His gaze soon made her uneasy. She quickly said, “You’ve misunderstood me in many ways. I don’t
know what you’re apologizing for if you don’t explain clearly.”

At her words, the tenderness in Julian’s eyes vanished.

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