Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 852

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 852

Nina looked at the information, and quickly found some negative news about the kindergarten.

“Are you really going to choose this one? There have been reports stating that the teachers here
abused children.

Some parents even found bugs in the lunches.”

She was reluctant to send the two children to this kindergarten. Diana thought the same.

“I have no other choice,” Diana said, slumping on the bed. These days, her relationship with Nina had
developed rapidly. Even though she hadn’t regained her memories, it didn’t stop them from becoming
good friends again.

“I’ve looked at all the kindergartens in Richburgh. This one is the best among the ones that meet our

Other kindergartens were either too far, or had worse conditions.

“It’s picking the best from the worst,” Diana said. “Since they had a scandal before, I think they won’t
dare repeat it. From that perspective, it should be okay.”

Nina rolled her eyes. “The law clearly warns people not to break it, but there are still so many criminals.
Have you ever thought about why, among so many kindergartens in Richburgh, only this one doesn’t
require strict admissions? It must be because fewer people are applying. There must be a reason why
everyone avoids it.”

Diana nodded, agreeing. “I understand what you’re saying.”

She sighed. But… Julian refuses to cooperate. If he’s willing to work with me, Bilingo Kindergarten
would be the best choice. It’s already been a week, and there’s been nothing from him. He hasn’t even
called. It’s like I’ve never met him at the villa or given him the test results.”

“Let’s go see Julian again,” Nina suggested. “We’re doing this for the children. If you explain the
situation to him, he definitely won’t ignore it. He’ll accompany you to play the role of a happy family, and
go to the interview together with you.”

“It’s too late. The kindergarten interview has already passed. Julian hasn’t even accepted the children
as his. How can I expect him to act like we’re a happy family in front of so many people?”

That was simply a fantasy.

“Has it passed?”

Diana was now very worried. “Yes. If things don’t work out, maybe I shouldn’t let them go to school. Or

She joked, “Maybe we’ll go back to Stirling City.”

“You can go back, but the children will stay.”

When she heard that voice, her eyes immediately snapped open. She instinctively pulled the blanket
over herself.

“Why are you here?” She looked at the man standing at the door. “Where’s Nina?”

“She went out,” Julian said. “She’s been out for quite a while.”

‘When did this man stand at my door, watching me lie on the bed like a dead fish?’ Diana thought.

She carefully recalled her words. She didn’t say anything bad about him, so that put her mind at ease.


As she sat up, she felt a chill on her back. She realized that because it was too hot outside, she had
removed her top and wore only a scanty camisole. When she was lying on the bed, her clothes had
shifted up quite a bit.

Julian was surprisingly calm. “It’s not like I haven’t seen it before. Put on some clothes and come out.”

Diana was speechless.

He still remembered hers, but she didn’t remember his.

She wondered if he had a perfectly sculpted body once he took off his clothes, just like what his
appearance implied.

When the thought crossed her mind, she slapped her face.

Diana had designed a lot of clothes, so she liked to contemplate everyone’s physique.

Julian’s body was definitely the type all designers loved.

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