Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 851

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife chapter 851

There were two paternity test reports. Looking at the dates, they were both recently done.

Clearly written on them was that Julian, Sean, and Betty had a parent-child relationship.

In other words, Julian was their biological father.

Diana said, “Nina told me that three years ago, Simon and I betrayed you. I didn’t understand what that
betrayal meant before, but after seeing the paternity test report you had, I did. You thought that Simon
and I had children together.”

Diana didn’t know how this misunderstanding started.

“I told you many times that I’ve lost my memory. But I can be sure that Simon isn’t the children’s father.”

Otherwise, her children wouldn’t have taken her last name after all these years.

And she wouldn’t have just discovered that Simon liked her.

“It’s okay if you don’t believe me,” Diana said quickly. “But Sean didn’t lie to you. He wouldn’t lie. He
switched the DNA samples because you left a bad first impression on him. He didn’t want any
possibility of you becoming his father.”

At that time, his preferred candidate was Simon.

But later, he changed his mind.

Not only did he reveal he had switched the samples, but he

also asked Diana and Julian to redo the test.

Diana took a deep breath, and said everything she wanted to say. “I stole your hair, and Nina stole your
toothbrush for the latest result. You may not believe me, but don’t doubt the scientifically verified facts.”

Because of these two paternity tests, she could confidently tell Julian that she didn’t betray him, nor
was she with Simon.

“Is that all?”

Julia listened to her; various emotions swirled in his eyes, none of which Diana could understand.

For so long, he had been waiting to hear her tell him that she didn’t betray him. So much so, that
hearing it now with his own ears felt like a dream.

He couldn’t take her word for it, but…

Since she dared to come to him with the paternity test reports, it was likely true.

He would do another test. It was just a matter of time.

Still, she wasn’t honest enough.

Since she didn’t betray him, why did she go to such lengths to fake her death and leave with Simon?

This matter couldn’t be brushed aside with her excuse of amnesia.

Seeing him silent, his cold jawline straight and rigid, Diana became uneasy.

Her heart was in turmoil, and she asked, “You still don’t believe me?”

“It’s not about believing or not,” Julian said flatly. “I’ll figure out the paternity test on my own.”

Diana breathed a sigh of relief.

Julian’s reaction was already much better than she had expected. She should give him time to think it
over. After all, it had been so sudden.

At this moment, it no longer made sense for her to stay here.

Before leaving, she said, “Sean… He’s really looking forward to you being his father.”

However, she didn’t hear anything from behind her. There wasn’t even a response.

Diana’s heart went cold, but she was still grateful.

Grateful that she didn’t bring the children here.

If they saw Julian’s reaction, they would surely be heartbroken.

She originally wanted to take this opportunity today to tell him about the kindergarten interview, but
now, she could only push away that thought.

With Julian’s reaction, she didn’t think he’d be very happy even if he verified the paternity test’s

Perhaps it would be as she expected.

Now that he had Cecilia, he would only see the children as burdens.

Diana’s little ones probably won’t be able to attend Bilingo Kindergarten.

After returning home, she didn’t rest for long. She quickly looked for a new kindergarten again.

But the kindergartens in Richburgh were in high demand, and those with low requirements and few
conditions were already full.

Parents like Diana were already considered late.

After searching around, she found only one kindergarten suitable for them. However, it had once
experienced a notorious scandal. The headmaster told Diana that there was no need for an interview,
or for both parents to show up.

If she followed the registration process and paid the fee, she could enroll her two children together.

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