Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 850

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Julian’s fingers brushed against her neck as they combed through her scalp.

That day in her studio’s dressing room, his breath was just like the hot air from the hairdryer, spraying
forcefully all over her skin.

Diana wriggled her shoulders.

Julian’s hold on her became gentler.

She dared not move at all.

When her hair was almost dry, Julian suddenly said, “Before, I used to blow-dry your hair. I was also a
jerk. Seeing your hair wet like this makes me uncomfortable.”

His self-deprecating words softened his harsh demeanor.

She could feel the tenderness from his fingertips lingering on her scalp.

Diana couldn’t help but glance at him. “Julian…?”


“Why did we get divorced before?”

This woman was just like muddy ground; if he gave her a little leeway, she would climb along the pole.

Julian put away the hairdryer immediately. “Have you become addicted to acting?”

Diana choked.

She had just remembered.

He didn’t believe she had amnesia.

If it were in the past, she would have definitely argued with him.

But today, she couldn’t refute his sarcastic remark-not after she had pretended to be sick.

She could only move on, and act as if she hadn’t asked anything.

She shouldn’t have asked.

He already had Cecilia and his new life. Her visit today was already impolite; there was no need to drag
him into the past again.

She was the only one who wanted to recover her lost memories.

Julian didn’t care about the past.

He must despise her a lot.

However, she still told him the words she wanted to say. “I didn’t betray you.”

She stared straight into his eyes, her own sparkling brightly.

Julian was momentarily taken aback by her gaze. His tightly pressed lips betrayed his emotions.

“Diana, stop lying to me,” he snarled.

The paternity test had already revealed the truth. No matter what she said, she couldn’t change the fact
that she had betrayed him!

Reluctance crept in her heart, but she could still feel his warmth on her neck. She mustered her
courage and repeated, “Julian Fulcher. Three years ago, I didn’t betray you.”

She took out the paternity test report she had kept with her all along. “Take a look at this.”

Once upon a time…

On the day he asked her for a divorce…

She had also shown him a document at that time.

Back then, Julian didn’t know that the document she wanted to show him was a pregnancy test report.

So many things happened because of that misunderstanding.

It caused her to lose the children in her belly.

Recalling that painful time, Julian’s heart softened instantly.

He reached out and took it. “What is this?”

Diana originally thought he wouldn’t look, but it went so smoothly. Her frustration from standing outside
the door for so long didn’t matter anymore.

She quickly said, “Open it and take a look.”

It couldn’t be a new pregnancy test report.

Thinking about their current situation, Julian’s heart ached painfully. His moved even more quickly. “A
paternity test report?”

His eyes gradually changed, and he asked, “Diana… What’s the meaning of this?”

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