Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 848

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“Mrs. Lay,” Julian ordered, “go and check if she’s dead. If she’s not dead, drag her inside. If she’s
already dead from the heat, call the funeral home to collect the body!”

When Diana came in, Julian was still shouting at the top of his lungs. The vast living room echoed with
his displeasure.

She hesitated.

“Mrs. Lay…” Diana stood awkwardly in place, her eyes filled with hesitation and anxiety. Since the
paternity results came out, she had been running around non-stop, trying to enroll her children in

She didn’t even have the time to sit down and think about it carefully. Accepting Julian as the biological
father of her children came naturally.

Now, after hearing Julian’s voice, the situation became clearer.

At present, she and Julian were already divorced. However, they had two children. And now, she was
actively coming to acknowledge that he was their father.

Yet, she didn’t even know what had happened between her and Julian in the first place.

The only thing she knew was what Nina had told her before; that she and Simon had betrayed Julian
together. She even faked her death!

These memories-or rather, bits and pieces of information she heard from Nina-suddenly became real at
this moment.

And now, she had gone through so much trouble just to see him for a moment. Her clothes had long
been soaked by sweat. They stuck to her body like slimy squid ink, and she felt terribly uncomfortable.

She was scared.

Diana stood rigidly in place, not moving.

Seeing her standing there in a daze, not speaking or looking at anyone, Mrs. Lay grew anxious. ’Ms.
Winnington, are you okay?”

Did she really have heatstroke?

As Julian still couldn’t hear any movement, he finally exited his study.

The first thing he saw was her rosy face.

It was obvious she was feeling warm.

Her hair, sticking tightly to her scalp and forehead, looked as if it had been splashed with water.

Clearly, it was a sunny day. She looked like a drenched kitten because she was sweating too much.

Julian glanced at Mrs. Lay, who immediately understood his intentions. She quickly brought Diana
some cooling medicine.

The smell of the medicine was pungent and choking.

As soon as it was placed under Diana’s nose, she shivered. She lifted her head to look in Julian’s

“M-Mr. Fulcher…”

Seeing her so weak, Julian immediately became nervous. Much of his impatience from before

“Mrs. Lay, hurry and help her onto the sofa. Don’t let her die in our house. It’d tarnish our reputation,”
Julian said.

Hearing his harsh words, Diana was convinced that pretending to have a heatstroke was the wisest
thing she had done.

Feigning illness was a bit shameless, but…

At the moment, it was the best way for her to successfully get close to him and find an opportunity to
explain the paternity test to him.

Diana nearly slumped on the sofa.

She pushed away the medicine and said weakly, “Mrs. Lay, this medicine smells too strong. I can’t
drink it…”

She licked her dry lips and asked, “Could I just get some plain cold water?”

“You should drink the medicine first.”

Mrs. Lay was convinced that Diana had a heatstroke. This summer was unusually hot, and Diana
encountered it at the worst time. What’s more, she stood at the door waiting for a very longtime.

Mrs. Lay was starting to blame Julian. “Sir, if something really happens to her, what should we do?”

She was about to pour water for Diana.

Julian stopped Mrs. Lay, and said condescendingly, “Don’t let her drink anything. If something really
happens, just bury her. What else can we do?”

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