Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 847

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“But nothing! Just do whatever you want, and be brave about it.”

Even though Nina said that, she couldn’t be sure how Julian would treat Diana.

Diana felt equally uneasy.

Soon, she stood at the entrance of CoIlina Villa. She pressed the doorbell gently.

When Mrs. Lay told Julian that Diana had arrived, he didn’t believe it at first. “Mrs. Lay, I told you I have
nothing to do with that woman.”

Plus, he had warned her in her studio not long ago.

“I hope you won’t get any ideas about me from now on.”

Then, she had been furious. But only after a short time, she came knocking on his door shamelessly
once more.

He didn’t care about her relationship with Simon.

He only knew that there was absolutely no possibility of him meeting her again and listening to her
endless stream of lies!

“Sir,” Mrs. Lay said. She had been hesitating at the study door since the start of lunch.

Julian looked at her pacing back and forth, which made him uncomfortable. “What’s the matter?

Mrs. Lay said anxiously, Ms. Winnington hasn’t left yet.”

“It’s none of my business whether she leaves or not,” Julian sneered, glancing at the time. It was
already one o’clock in the afternoon, and the sun was scorching. He grew impatient and said, “When it
gets too hot for her to bear, she’ll leave.”

Another hour passed.

Mrs. Lay didn’t mention Diana again.

Instead, Julian began to look at the study door repeatedly.

Mrs. Lay saw his expression and smiled slightly, but she didn’t mention Diana. Instead, she asked, “Sir,
I see that you keep looking up outside. Are you thirsty? Would you like me to bring you some water?”

Julian hesitated. His face was a bit red, as if something was choking him. “Yes, I’d like some water.”

Seeing the smile on Mrs. Lay’s face, he added, “I’m very thirsty.”

“Yes, it’s hot outside.” Mrs. Lay pointed at the blazing sun.” Ms. Winnington doesn’t seem to be
bothered by the heat at all. She hasn’t even asked for a sip of water after all this time.”

Julian was baffled. “Is she still here?”

“I don’t know,” Mrs. Lay replied.

“Didn’t you just tell me she didn’t seem bothered by the heat?

“That was before.” Mrs. Lay placed the glass of water on the table, but refused to look outside the
window. “Now, I have no idea if Ms. Winnington has left. Oh, my! It’s so hot

outside. Maybe she fainted. Maybe that’s why she hasn’t asked for water!”

Unconscious people couldn’t do that.

“Why don’t you go out and check?” Julian asked.

Mrs. Lay straightened her back and said solemnly, “As servants, we shouldn’t care about the things our
master doesn’t care about.”

“You’re right.”

Another ten minutes soon passed.

Within those ten minutes, Julian had looked up more than ten times.

Mrs. Lay’s smile almost split her face.

Yet she stood still at the study door, showing no intention of going to the villa’s entrance to check the

She was waiting.

Waiting to see when Julian would lose his patience and ask her to bring Diana inside.

That wasn’t all.

She was also waiting for something else.

Waiting to see when her master, the seemingly heartless and loveless Mr. Fulcher, would come to his
senses. He couldn’t forget Diana at all, and he couldn’t break free from his feelings for her.

Being too heartless now would make winning his wife back in the future much harder!

Regardless of the recent encounters, Mrs. Lay believed in the late Madam Fulcher’s judgment and
Diana’s character.

After a while, the sun got even higher.

The sunlight on the ground felt like a scorching carpet, warping the surface.

Julian raised his head, and glanced at the temperature displayed on the computer. “Forty-eight

Forty-eight degrees?!

That woman must be trying to die at his doorstep and dirty his path on purpose!

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