Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 845

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Julian was indeed Sean and Betty’s biological father.

When Sean heard the news, he maintained his cool expression. During lunchtime, he visibly ate more.
It seemed a weight had been lifted off his little shoulders.

Diana couldn’t stop worrying. She didn’t know if Julian would refuse to believe her even after knowing
the results. He might even accuse her of trying to trick him again. That would surely hurt Sean’s

She had to ensure Julian treated the children kindly. She couldn’t have him coldly deny their
relationship in front of the children when they meet again. It was important for her to think carefully on
how she could achieve that.

The kindergarten teacher noticed her daydreaming, and called her several times. “Ms. Winnington, are
you paying attention?”

Diana quickly nodded. “Yes, of course. Your teaching staff is excellent, and your education philosophy
of connecting with nature to nurture children’s instincts is wonderful.”

“That’s good to hear,” the teacher responded kindly. “Before the start of classes in September, please
keep an eye on our enrollment information. Once it’s open, many people will sign up. Make sure not to
miss it.”

Diana nodded. “If I want to enroll my children, what are the requirements?”

“We require a Richburgh household registration and the property certificate of a nearby residence,
commonly known as double certificates.”

“Double certificates,” Diana muttered. “So, I can’t apply without these two documents?”

“That’s correct.”

She had already given up on marrying Simon. As for the children’s household registration… She could
only hope Julian would be willing to accept the transfer of their household registration.

But now, he had Cecilia Jarvis by his side.

It would be good enough if he could accept the paternity test results and treat the children kindly. Diana
didn’t dare to think about the household registration transfer.

As for the property certificate…

At first, Diana thought she could afford the properties in Richburgh. After looking around, she
discovered that even a regular three-bedroom apartment would cost almost a million dollars. She had
seen almost all the houses near the kindergarten, and the conclusion was clear-they were beyond her

Over the years, she had saved what she thought was enough for a comfortable life in Stirling City.
Upon arriving in Richburgh, she realized more was needed.

She felt defeated-her dream of sending her kids to a public kindergarten in Richburgh was shattered.
She had to shift her focus to private ones instead.

Private kindergartens didn’t require a household registration or a property certificate. Plus, she could
afford the tuition fees for each semester. With the children starting school in autumn, she couldn’t delay

She hurriedly screened through several kindergartens, and finally settled on an international bilingual
one near her studio named Bilingo Kindergarten.

The enrollment officer was kind to her. “Before the autumn enrollment, we need to meet the children
and conduct an interview. Are you okay with that?”

“Of course,” Diana replied.

She had been running around all day to find an appropriate kindergarten for her two precious children,
and she was exhausted.

“Then let’s meet in the office tomorrow…”

Before the enrollment officer could finish, Diana heard the sound of high heels clicking on the floor.

Turning around, she saw a woman approaching her. The woman turned to the enrollment officer and
said haughtily,” I object to her children attending this kindergarten!”

Diana’s eyes widened. “On what grounds are you saying that? It

Was this another person with a grudge against her?

The woman, Kiki, looked at Diana disdainfully. “On the grounds that I know your children don’t have a

Kiki turned to the enrollment officer, sneering. “According to the kindergarten rules, children with
disabilities or from broken families aren’t accepted. One of her children has autism and can’t speak.
They don’t have a father, and were raised in a single-parent family.”

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