Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 841

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Julian grabbed her shoulder, his hot breath scorching against her skin. He snarled, “Diana, how many
men do you want before you’re satisfied?”

At this moment, they could hear Simon outside. He was trying to appease the customers.

‘Is this man saying that because he’s…jealous? No, that’s impossible.’ Diana quickly shook her head,
pushing this absurd thought out of her mind.

Julian despised her. He even said he’d never have any contact with her again.

Their encounter today was because the woman he brought wanted to buy Diana’s dress. It was how
they ended up meeting.

Someone who hated her couldn’t possibly be jealous.

Diana couldn’t stay with him. Once she did, she would easily overthink things.

With that thought in mind, she pushed Julian harder. She tried to open the door so she could leave.

His warm breath sprayed against her shoulder, making her hot and itchy.

She could only turn her head to the side. She moved her shoulders, trying to alleviate the discomfort.
At the same time, she kept pushing him away. His heavy body continued to press against her.

Julian didn’t move, his deep eyes glued on her. He didn’t miss any of the subtle changes on her face.

She explained helplessly, “Look, you’re really overthinking. Whether it be Simon or Oliver, we have no
romantic relationship. When I said I’d marry Simon before, it was just a misunderstanding. As for

She took a deep breath. “After the paternity test results came out, I decided to stay far away from you.
The further, the better.”

Especially after Nina told her they had once been husband and wife.

The discovery only strengthened Diana’s determination.

“The further, the better?” Julian’s voice suddenly grew louder. His mouth was near her ear, and she
winced at his volume.

This time, she acted quickly and covered his mouth. She glared at him, hissing, “Lower your voice!”

Since he was trapping her, she couldn’t escape.

Diana decided to make things clear to him. “Julian Fulcher, I’m not a tool for you to vent your anger on.
You suddenly dragged me here and treated me badly. You’re not making any sense!”

Seeing how stubborn she was being, Julian decided to tell it to her straight. “Sean already told me.”

Diana got more confused the more she listened. “Sean?

What did he tell you?”

Sean had been acting strange today. He called Julian “Daddy “, and had apparently spoken to Julian as
well. Didn’t she just put him in the room? When did he sneak out to find Julian?

Julian was annoyed with how Diana was always looking confused and pretending not to understand

He smirked sarcastically. “What do you think he said to me? Didn’t you teach him? He said he switched
the DNA samples. He requested me to redo the paternity test.”

How could a toddler of around two years old have such thoughts? And switching DNA samples, too. It
was utterly ridiculous!

When Julian heard Sean’s absurd words, he knew it was Diana’s doing. She wanted to use Sean to get
another chance for a new DNA test, so she could manipulate the results.

“I’m genuinely curious,” Julian said, looking at the bewildered Diana. He was deeply impressed by her
acting skills—she was great at pretending to be innocent.

He leaned closer to her neck, laughing mockingly.

“Three years ago, you left me and started a new life with Simon. You even had children with him. Why
did you suddenly come back to Richburgh and claim you have nothing to do with him, when he was the
one who betrayed me?”

Did she think he’d believe her just because she said so?

“Maybe…” Julian continued darkly, “After Zachary went after you, you thought Simon couldn’t help you
fight the

Winningtons. So, you quickly abandoned him. You wanted me to be the father so you can get payback
against that old man, didn’t you?”

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