Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 844

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Diana was willing to give up her life for these moments. What was a secret paternity test compared to

She would do it a hundred times if she had to.

“The sample thing isn’t your fault, and neither is what happened with Zachary,” Diana said gently.

She held Betty with one arm and Sean with the other, feeling like she had the whole world in her arms.

“Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. With Mommy around, you don’t need to worry about anything,
okay? If you want to find your real father, Mommy will support you all the way.”

Even if redoing the paternity test was just a waste of time, and that Julian couldn’t possibly be their
father, Diana would respect Sean’s desire to reconfirm it.

Diana thought for a bit, and decided to be straightforward.” I’ll handle the DNA test. But if we confirm
that you and Mr.

Julian aren’t father and son, please don’t be sad, okay?”

Sean nodded. “Okay.”

He just wanted the result to be true, and not because he had swapped the samples and couldn’t get
the correct answer.

“No matter what the result is, I’ll accept it,” he said. He took Betty’s hand, and led her to play with
building blocks in their room.

With the children occupied, Diana had time to prepare ingredients for tomorrow’s breakfast. She had a
lot of bread, which she intended to make sandwiches with.

After trying for so many days, she still couldn’t recreate the sandwiches Julian used to make. In the
end, she gave up and made cheese sandwiches. She paired them with milk- they were simple but

After taking care of the children’s breakfast, Diana went to hail a taxi outside. She saw Simon waving at

“Something urgent came up at the company yesterday, so I couldn’t see Betty,” Simon explained. “I’m
here to take you to the studio and see her at the same time.”

He brought out a bunch of Barbie dolls. Though Betty didn’t speak, she visibly relaxed. Diana picked
two pink ones and placed them in her arms, and she hugged them.

There were some things Simon didn’t talk about in front of Betty, because he didn’t want to upset her.
Regardless of her response, he was patient with her and made her happy- just as he had always done.

Seeing this, Diana scolded herself for suspecting him. She had been in the wrong.

Yesterday, she thought Simon’s hasty escape meant he felt guilty about what he had done to her. Now,
she realized it was just because of a problem at work.

Why would his life revolve around her every day?

It’s a good thing he could go about his own business.

Perhaps with time, he would treat her as his former sister-in- law and stop thinking about confessing his
feelings to her.

The week passed calmly. Julian didn’t appear before Diana again, just as he had claimed.

However, Diana was troubled.

She had received the latest paternity test result. It showed that Julian was truly Sean and Betty’s
biological father.

This was too surreal!

To confirm the accuracy of the results, Diana asked Nina to get her Julian’s toothbrush. She used his
DNA on it to redo the test.

After that, she was forced to accept the truth.

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