Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 843

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Diana had never lied to Julian, whether it be about her amnesia or that Simon wasn’t the children’s

“The most important thing right now is for me to get back my memories,” Diana said.

Simon’s hands shook. “How do you plan on doing that?”

Diana was silent. She clutched the hair she had taken secretly from Julian earlier. She knew Sean
wouldn’t lie-the original sample had a problem, so she had to start from here and redo the paternity test
without anyone knowing.

Maybe this could be a breakthrough in her search for her lost memories.

Simon put his hands behind his back. “Since you don’t want to say it, I won’t ask anymore. If there’s
anything you need help with, you can contact me anytime.”

Diana nodded. She wanted to take Simon to see Betty, but he left before she could say anything.

He didn’t even say goodbye.

Diana stared at his retreating figure-he looked like he was running away. She stood there alone, lost in

After he left the studio, Simon couldn’t calm down. His hands trembled as he opened his phone and
searched for the hypnotist’s number. He hadn’t called it in a very long time.

Julian left after Simon did.

Diana looked at her spacious studio. Due to Julian’s interference, many customers had left. She was in
no mood to continue working, so she closed up shop and went home.

Betty was still the same. Every day, she stared blankly into nothing. Even when her name was called,
she wouldn’t react. However, loud noises would scare her and make her tremble.

Every time Diana saw her daughter in this state, she wished nothing more than to march to the
Winningtons and tear Zachary apart.

But now wasn’t the right time yet. She needed to get back her memories and remember her past first.
Only by that could she better understand her relationship with the Winningtons.

After that, she would use all the resources at her disposal and make Zachary pay!

Sean followed her closely, and Diana knew something was on his mind. She waited for him to speak.

Sure enough-in the evening, Sean couldn’t hold it in anymore and confronted her.



“Has Mr. Julian told you when we can do the DNA test again?”

“Why? Are you hoping that he’s your father? If we can’t do it again, will you be disappointed?”

Sean nodded.

Diana continued to press on. “But I thought you didn’t like him?”

Sean was a little embarrassed.

“I didn’t like him before…but I like him now.”


“Because,” Sean said, “he’s very powerful, Mommy. If he becomes our daddy, no one can bully you and
Betty again. I’m still too young. I want to protect you, but I can’t…”

Hearing this, Diana became teary. She didn’t consider herself weak or overly sentimental, but she
would always be moved by how much her children cared for her.

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