Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 838

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He gritted his teeth, and decided to continue hiding the truth from her. “I really have no idea why you
left Julian and Richburgh. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Julian. Back then, I didn’t have any
chance to get close to you.

He hated me so much, I didn’t even have a chance to visit the Fulcher Manor.

I appeared by your side by pure coincidence.

I didn’t expect to bump into you in Stirling City.”

Diana fell silent upon hearing his reply. She had expected him to lie about the twins’ birth.

Since she couldn’t find out why she left Julian, she asked Simon other questions. ‘Then, what about the
twins’ biological father? Who was he? Do you know him?”

She paused for a moment, feeling a twinge of pain in her chest. Yet, she continued. “Did I divorce
Julian forthat man?”

Simon was stunned. He didn’t expect Diana to ask that question.

Simon tried to probe Diana. “Did Julian refuse to acknowledge the twins?”

“Not that. The DNA test results showed that he isn’t related to them by blood.” 1

How could that be possible?

Simon was familiar with Diana’s character.

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