Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 839

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She couldn’t possibly betray Julian.

In fact, even now, despite being deeply hypnotized, she began having feelings for Julian the moment
she laid eyes on him.

He could tell from the uneasy and guilty look in her eyes each time she mentioned Julian.

An unwillingness to admit defeat sprang in Simon’s heart, drowning him and his rationale like tidal


Downstairs in the studio, Sean was still waiting for Julian’s answer.

Ever since the incident with Zachary, Sean wasn’t as confident as he used to be.

On the surface, he still retained his cool kid aura.

He was small, but he had loved ones he wanted to protect.

For the sake of Mommy and Betty, he was willing to be rebuked by Julian.

Yet this man, who was a lot taller than him, didn’t look displeased with him.

He even crouched down low and caressed Sean’s head tenderly.

He looked at him with a sympathetic gaze and asked, “Sean, where’s your mommy?”

At that moment, Cecilia could feel a shift in the aura Julian was exuding.

It felt as if there were undercurrents brewing in the air, on the verge of tearing the place apart at the
slightest trigger.

However, Sean wasn’t afraid.

He continued looking at Julian, thinking that things were finally looking up. He pulled Julian’s sleeve
gently and said,” Mommy’s at the staircase landing talking to Uncle Simon. Mr. Julian, when can we do
the DNA test again?”

Julian glanced up toward the second floor. “I’ll discuss that with your mommy.”

He turned around and said to Cecilia, “It’s not convenient for today. When I’m free next time, I’ll pick
you up for another date.”

Cecilia felt a little lost over the sudden changes.

She wanted to ask Julian if anything had changed because of the child.

However, his icy face frightened her into silence.

When she calmed down and thought things through, she recalled that he said he would pick her up
from her place next time.

That meant he was willing to continue seeing her.

Given Julian’s style of doing things, the little boy surely had nothing to do with him.

This boy…

Cecilia glanced at Diana’s shadow flitting around upstairs, and suddenly regretted coming here for a
custom-made dress. She also regretted doing business with a schemer who would stoop so low and
use her children for her own benefit.

She sighed and looked into Julian’s eyes, as if empathizing with him. “I’ll be off first, then.”

Julian nodded, and sent her to the door like a gentleman. Then, he carried Sean and walked upstairs in
huge strides.

Diana was still waiting for Simon to speak, hoping that he would give her at least some information
regarding Sean and Betty’s biological father.

The two of them stood on the staircase landing, stuck in a standstill, gazes locked.

There was an inexplicable air of tension between them.

Julian settled Sean in the room so that he would not hear them fighting. He turned to Diana with a
sneer. “Here you are, flirting with another man while making your child find me and lie to me. Good on
you, Diana.”

Diana was confused.

Wasn’t Julian behaving normally just now?

Why did he suddenly flare up at her?

Where was Ms. Jarvis?

She instinctively looked around for Cecilia, but Julian suddenly pulled her before she could do so.

At that instant, she lost her balance and fell down the stairs.

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