Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 837

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Julian and the rest probably wouldn’t even know of her whereabouts had she not suddenly returned to
Richburgh for the sake of her twins’ schooling arrangements.

Julian was all-powerful.

He couldn’t possibly not receive any news about her, unless someone was deliberately clamping down
on the news.

What role did Simon play in hiding her whereabouts?

Diana had no idea.

That was why she needed an answer from Simon.

Diana’s question made Simon’s rapidly beating heart return to normal.

The hypnotizer responsible for Diana’s memory loss did not lie to him.

As long as Diana didn’t get hypnotized by him again, Diana would never be able to restore her

No matter how strong the natural or man-made stimulus was, it was useless.

Diana was asking him that only because she had come into contact with more people upon returning to

Apparently, she managed to piece together some pieces of the puzzle of her past from their words.

Otherwise, she couldn’t possibly be asking him for the

reason she left Julian three years ago.

What was the truth?

The truth was that she was willing to do anything for Julian Fulcher!

But Simon would never tell her that.

He turned solemn, composing himself, and looked straight into Diana’s eyes. “I have no idea. I wasn’t
very close to you three years ago.”

His lips were completely sealed.

Diana knew that her attempt at probing for the truth had failed.

Yet, she refused to admit defeat. “Simon, I’ve always regarded you as someone very important in my
life. I really hope you’re not lying to me.”

“Since when have I ever lied to you?” Simon asked. “I just don’t think there’s a need for you to know
about your memories. Some people are nasty, and so are some memories. Isn’t it good to forget them

“Does that include me once being married to Julian?”

Simon’s grip on the handrails tightened.

He didn’t expect Diana to know about that.

“Julian is your brother. I was once…” Diana took a deep breath. ‘Your sister-in-law.”

She chuckled sardonically at the hilarious twist of fate. “I

even considered marrying you once.”

Simon had confessed his feelings for her, too.

What exactly was going on?

“No matter how terrible your relationship with Julian was, you shouldn’t have hidden the fact that we
were once married.”

Simon could feel his throat constricting.

It made him feel terrible all over.

Even his face flushed red.

He didn’t expect Julian to share so much with Diana even after going through so much. All the more he
didn’t expect Julian to personally visit Diana at her home.

Julian was a proud and haughty man who treated him like trash even though they were brothers of
different mothers, going as far as to kick him aside after giving him some lousy Channing Inc shares.

He was cold, heartless, and brutal.

That was the way the Fulchers did things!

Yet, Diana’s betrayal and abandonment didn’t stop that proud and arrogant man from admitting that he
was once married to her.

Simon clung on to the one thing that Diana cared most about, trying to move her with his affections
over the past three years. He stood on the staircase landing and stared at her, unmoving, like a stone
wall. “If I didn’t hide that fact from you, would you have given me the chance to stay by your side for

three years? Diana Winnington, I like you. Since you called me here, are you going to give me your
answer this time?”

His words sent Diana’s mind into a mess.

True, Simon had done too much for her.

There was no way she could immediately regard him as a wicked man.

What’s more, he was right.

Her past was filled with nasty people and even nastier things.

For example, Zachary. Julian too already had another woman.

But… What about Nina?

Nina was willing to do anything for Diana as a friend, and even protected Diana’s children without
fearing the scalding hot water Zachary’s men splashed on her. Could she be considered one of the
many nasty facets of her past?

Whether Diana’s past was nasty or not, and whether she wanted to remember it or otherwise, wasn’t a
decision Simon could make on her behalf.

Diana took a deep breath. “I do have an answer for you.”

Looking straight into Simon’s eyes, she announced firmly, “I like you, too.”

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