Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 836

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Right now, Sean was certain that Julian was the best candidate to be his and Betty’s father.

The most important factor was that he was once married to Mommy.

He checked it out-people who got married had babies together.

Were he and Betty babies they had after they got married?


Julian was tall and strong.

He could protect them perfectly.

Compared to Simon, who had been very much missing in action recently, Julian gave Sean a much
stronger sense of security.

But he didn’t understand adults’ affairs, so he couldn’t figure out what they were thinking.

In the end, he was but a child.

At most, a child who was slightly smarter than other children.

With a goal in mind, he would do everything he could to achieve it.

Right now, he had to work hard and correct his past mistake of switching out the test samples in order
to confirm if he was Julian’s child.

Having decided his next course of action, Sean glanced at Betty, who was fast asleep, and gently
pulled the door open.

He saw Diana and Simon talking about something on the staircase landing. He hesitated for a moment
before deciding to go downstairs and find Julian.

“Mr. Fulcher,” Sean called. This time, he didn’t abruptly call Julian “daddy” to attract Julian’s attention.

The moment he went downstairs, Julian’s eyes fell on him.

Sean was truly adorable.

Cecilia adored him the moment she saw him. “Darling, what’s the matter?”

She crouched down and held Sean’s hand, her tone patient and indulging.

Sean didn’t like strangers touching him and retracted his hands immediately, making Cecilia’s face
tense up with awkwardness.

Julian’s eyes turned dark at once.

Sean looked up at him fearlessly and said, “Mr. Fulcher.”

He continued clearly and brightly, “I’d like you to do the DNA test once more.”

Repeat the DNA test?

Julian’s jaw hardened. “Why?”

“Because…” Sean was nervous and kept glancing at Diana, who was still at the staircase landing.

Mommy had lost so much weight…

Betty wasn’t in a good condition right now, either.

Despite that, they couldn’t even return to Stirling City.

There were many, many bad people in Richburgh. They really needed a daddy.

Especially one as strong and powerful as Mr. Fulcher.

Sean had thoroughly checked Julian’s background over the past few days, and knew that he was
Richburgh’s richest man. Many people were afraid of him.

Zachary Winnington was the prime example of that.

Zachary had been so arrogant when harassing them, but he stumbled off in fear the moment he heard

Sean wished from the bottom of his heart that Julian was the father he was looking for.

Looking at Diana, Sean mustered his courage. He turned back to Julian, puffing his cheeks as he
explained eagerly, “I switched out the test samples. I actually took a strand of hair from a maid and put
it in the sample bag.”

Meanwhile, on the staircase landing on the second floor.

Simon’s face was an exciting concoction of expressions.

In an instant, the look on his face turned from disbelief to hesitation, to uneasiness, to guilt-he was
unable to look Diana in the eye. She could sense every single change on his face.

There wasn’t even a need for him to explain anything.

Diana knew Simon.

Now, she was sure he had lied to her.

“Why exactly did I leave Julian Fulcher and Richburgh three years ago?”

This was a question Nina and Julian had repeatedly asked her.

She wanted to know the truth, too.

It was something perhaps only Simon could tell her.

From the beginning to the end, he had been the only one who knew that she was in Stirling City. He
kept her company throughout the entire time, and he was also the only one who told Diana her name.

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