Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 835

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Before she could make it upstairs, she saw Simon coming through the door.

Diana had called him here.

She didn’t expect Julian to be here today as well.

Sean, who had just been scolded by Diana, was happy to see someone he knew. What’s more, he was
very familiar with Simon. He immediately ran toward the latter.

Simon instantly carried Sean in his arms, in a way that was natural and clearly well-versed.

Ever since he confessed his feelings for Diana, he hadn’t met her for close to one month.

This time, it was Diana who contacted him and told him about the many things that had happened in
the month.

More importantly, Diana had reopened her studio and even met Oliver.

When Simon first heard the news, he was anxious and panicky.

So much so, he rushed to the studio without a second thought.

Seeing Julian there as well, his eyes turned dark and stormy.

When Simon noticed Cecilia standing next to Julian, their arms linked, he guessed that Julian and
Diana had yet to

reconcile. Both were still unaware of the truth three years ago.

His face relaxed; he tightened his hold over Sean, and kissed the boy’s cheek.

Sean didn’t reject him.

But in his heart, Simon was no longer the best candidate for his daddy.

Simon hadn’t been there the day Zachary harassed him and his family.

The one who scared Zachary away was Julian, who had done so over the phone.

Before, Sean resisted Julian’s touch and switched out the DNA samples in secret.

Right now, he wanted another chance to do another DNA

Julian had never seen Sean behave so obediently.

Previously, Sean had tormented him greatly at the Fulcher Manor.

Yet with Simon around, the boy was good and obedient. He Julian.

He was Simon’s son indeed.

Julian smirked sardonically; the look sent chills down Diana’s spine.

However, she couldn’t display a dour attitude toward customers. What’s more, it was Sean who
behaved rudely toward him in the first place.

Diana put on an apologetic smile. “Ms. Jarvis, please feel free to look around.”

She called a shopping assistant and said, “Just ask her if you have any questions.”

She then turned around and pulled Simon, saying gently,” Let’s head upstairs and talk.”

Seeing that Diana was treating him as per usual and that Julian looked calm and unperturbed, Simon
felt a huge gush of relief.

He followed Diana upstairs, and began nagging at her as he often did. “How did you lose so much
weight in just a few days? Are you trying to kill yourself? Where’s Betty? How is she now? Why didn’t
you tell me anything when something so big happened?”

Seeing Simon nagging nonstop, Diana felt as if she had returned to Stirling City.

He was the person she trusted the most and was the most familiar with.

Yet, after coming to Richburgh, everything had changed.

As she came into contact with more and more people, everything painted a negative picture of Simon
lying to her.

When they reached a turn in the stairs, Diana stopped

leading him forward. She turned to him and said, “Simon.”

She wasn’t in a rush to let him see Betty.

Instead, she made Sean leave Simon’s arms and sent him back to his room to play with Betty.

Simon began to panic as he looked at Diana. “What’s the matter? You look so serious.”

Upon checking that the twins weren’t around, Diana decided to be frank. “Are you still not going to be
honest with me? I called you over today to give you one last chance. Simon, I remember everything.
My memories have returned to me.”


If Simon weren’t so shocked, he would have blurted that out.

However, Diana looked so certain. There was even disappointment in her eyes.

Simon gripped the handrail tightly, his face growing pale.

Sean stood at the door, staring at Diana and Simon. The two didn’t look like they were coming into the
room any time soon.

He was stuck in a dilemma.

At this moment, Sean couldn’t wait to come clean with Diana and Julian.

Yet Diana had been too busy recently, and Sean couldn’t find an appropriate opportunity to tell her
about him

switching out the test samples.

Now that he had finally met Julian, he couldn’t give up so easily.

Only by finding his biological father as soon as possible would he have a chance of changing
everything and prevent his mommy and Betty from getting hurt ever again!

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