Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 833

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Cecilia didn’t want the money to go to waste.

“Let’s go to the studio over there,” she suggested, wanting to regain her dignity as the heiress of the
Jarvis family.” Coincidentally, I need a dress. I heard that the owner of that studio is an excellent tailor
and makes great designs. It’s a pity her shop was closed for three years. Now that she’s finally back,
business has been booming for her.”

She had wanted to come and check it out, but didn’t have the chance to.

Custom-made dresses weren’t cheap.

Now, she had a chance to let Julian take a look. It wasn’t that she couldn’t bear to part with the money,
or that she was petty. She simply wanted to spend money on things that she really needed.

That was the rational way of spending money.

Julian hesitated for a moment.

However, Cecilia had gathered the courage to hold his arm and pull him toward Diana’s studio.

Although it was a working day, there were many people inside.

Diana was surrounded by people, and she was busy introducing her new design to potential

It was a fantastic dress featuring a mix of lake blue and velvet, which looked dreamy and romantic.

Cecilia adored it the moment her eyes landed on it.

She subconsciously held onto Julian’s arm as she approached Diana.

“My pieces are one-of-a-kind, and this one has been reserved. If any of you want to custom-make a
dress, I can design one for you,” Diana said. Her tongue was becoming dry from all the talking, so she
wanted to suggest the crowd around her look around her shop while she grabbed a drink.

Just then, a woman’s bright and crisp voice grabbed her attention. “I’d like a custom-made dress.”

The sound of a potential customer made Diana turn around thing she saw was Julian’s face.

They hadn’t met since the day the results of the DNA test were revealed.

Now that they had bumped into each other here, it felt as though centuries had passed.

Diana looked closer, and realized that the

He didn’t resist her gesture.

Her heart turned bitter, but she quickly smiled and said,” Sure. Please come with me to place an order.”

Julian quickly handed her his card. “Use this.”

Cecilia didn’t reject him.

Diana’s price was reasonable-fifteen thousand dollars for on her, Cecilia decided not to reject him.

That would allow them to indulge in future interactions.

She could arrange another date with him in the name of returning his favor.

Cecilia was confident Julian wouldn’t reject her.

“Sure.” Diana took the card and keyed in the amount as she said to Julian, “Please key in the

“You know it.”

Cecilia was stunned. “Huh?”

Diana was stunned too.

Julian was even more so.

He had never made such a low-level mistake.

And yet, Diana looked so much like she did in the past after having slimmed down so much.

She was clearly malnutritioned and overworked.

Was she taking care of herself?

He tried to control his temper, and simply ignored what he blurted out just now. He turned to Cecilia and
asked, “Is one dress enough?”

‘Yes, it is.” Cecilia quickly forgot about Julian’s blunder as well. “I don’t really like attending banquets.
Even if I do, they’d be small-scale parties with people I’m close with. One dress is enough. If I’m
satisfied with the dress, I’ll come again if I need another.”

Julian nodded, and Diana took the chance to return him his card. “Sir, your card.”

Their hands accidentally touched.

His hands felt so dry.

Diana quickly retracted her hand, as if she had touched fire. She quickly made a beeline to other
customers without even agreeing on a time to take Cecilia’s measurements and show her the design

“Do you two know each other?” Cecilia asked as she looked at Diana fleeing the scene. She had a
niggling feeling that there was something strange between Julian and Diana.

Julian was about to reply to her when he heard Sean come down from the second floor. When Sean
saw Julian, he immediately ran toward him and called out to him in a bright, crisp voice, “Daddy!”

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