Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 832

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In a restaurant opposite the studio, a woman asked, “Mr. Fulcher, what are you looking at?”

She was seated opposite Julian, wiping her mouth with a napkin and looking in the direction of Julian’s

However, she didn’t notice anything.

“Nothing. Just a kite trapped in a gunny sack.”

“A kite trapped in a gunny sack?”

Julian nodded, but didn’t explain further. He retracted his gaze from Diana and covered up the worry in
his eyes. “Are you done?”

The woman seated before him was Cecilia Jarvis, the heiress of the Jarvis family in Richburgh. Julian
had selected her from a list of women Vans had shortlisted for a blind date with.

Cecilia blushed when Julian looked at her. “Yes, I am.”

He nodded, and looked at the lipstick mark on the napkin she used to wipe her mouth.

She didn’t reapply her lipstick after her meal, and it made her look rather haggard.

Julian stood up swiftly. “Let’s go.”

Cecilia was stunned. “Where to?”

“To the shopping mall opposite. I’ll buy a new lipstick for you.”

Mr. Fulcher was rumored to be cold, distant, and proud — perhaps almost inhuman.

But right now, she witnessed how thoughtful he was in noticing that she didn’t bring her lipstick, simply
because she didn’t reapply her lipstick after her meal.

‘Thank you,” Cecilia said, feeling slightly anxious. She gripped her handbag tight and followed behind
Julian’s towering figure, her heart beating fast.

They crossed the street from the restaurant.

Throughout the walk, Julian watched out for cars and pedestrians for Cecilia.

‘Thank you.” Cecilia didn’t expect Julian to be so gentlemanly, on top of being so handsome.

Her thumping heart was now leaping with passion.

“Don’t mention it.” Julian walked to the cosmetics counter.” Go ahead and pick what you like.”

Cecilia browsed around for a long while. She could feel Julian standing next to her, waiting patiently.
She finally gathered the courage to ask, “Mr. Fulcher, what do you think suits me?”

Julian placed his fingers on the glass counter. “I don’t know, either.”

He pulled out his credit card, and handed it to the sales assistant. “We’ll buy them all.”

She would know which one suited her best after she tried everything at home.

‘That’s too many!” Although the Jarvis family was wealthy, their children were brought up well, including
Cecilia. She waved her hands profusely to stop Julian from tapping his credit card on the terminal. “I
can’t finish them all, it’ll be a waste.”

“Julian, we can’t finish this much food. It’ll be a waste.”

‘This shirt is so expensive! I can’t bear to buy it.”

‘This little place is great. As long as I’m with you, even if it’s not a high-class restaurant, I’m happy. I
feel like I’m dancing under the moonlight!”

Cecilia Jarvis…

She was the first woman after Diana who spoke about wastage.

Other women were convinced he was so rich, his wealth would never be They thought it would be
foolish if they didn’t take advantage of that.

Some even felt that the more they could make him spend on them, the more they could show off.

Only Diana and Cecilia would scold him for wasting money.

However, things had changed between him and Diana.

For some reason, Cecilia had a feeling that Julian was distracted ever since he talked about the kite
being trapped in the gunny sack. “Mr. Fulcher?”

She quickly chose a garnet red lipstick and said to Julian,” Let’s go look at the kite again?”

She was rather curious about it.

Julian choked on his saliva, and remembered being the first to talk about the kite.

“It’s gone now.”

“Oh.” Cecilia looked disappointed. “Well, shall we walk around some more?”

She could sense that Julian wasn’t in such a good mood.

She wondered if it was because she sounded so petty when buying the lipstick.


It was true she had no use for so many lipsticks.

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