Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 830

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Diana’s priority right now was to return to Stirling City and provide Betty with the best environment that
was conducive to her recuperation.

“You’ve lost your memories?” Oliver asked, looking not particularly sad or joyful.

Or perhaps, there was more joy than sorrow in the depths of his heart.

However, he didn’t let it show. “What do you remember, then?”

Diana repeated, “Nothing at all.”

Oliver didn’t care whether Diana really lost her memories.

It was enough for him that Diana had finally appeared before him after vanishing for three whole years.

He sighed in relief and said, “No wonder you’re so angry at me for taking you to court. You don’t
remember owing Fanny money.”

The dazed look on Diana’s face urged Oliver to explain to her how Fanny had invested in her business.
Diana’s jaw soon dropped at his words. “I actually owned a large and influential studio?”

Nina did mention to her that she did very well in the fashion industry.

In fact, she did so well that she had the power to seek revenge on Zachary.

Nina’s previous words seem to corroborate Oliver’s claims.

“Diana?” Oliver asked when he saw her space out and asked. “Are you listening to me? The debt is no
small amount, but your studio suddenly halted its operations for no reason. According to contractual

terms, you need to compensate Fanny three times the investment amount.”

The sum was too huge.

It was a sufficient reason for the Channing family to take her to court.

“What do you want me to do now, then?” Diana looked straight at Oliver. A strong feeling was brewing
in her heart, telling her that this man wasn’t as warm and gentle as he appeared on the surface.

“Stay at Richburgh,” Oliver said. “Restart your studio. That way, the debt from breaching contractual
terms will naturally cease to exist.”

With that, she could go anywhere she wanted and not be restricted due to her debt.

If things were to go on like this, even if Diana drove out of Richburgh to Stirling City, she would be
regarded as a fraud subject to law enforcement.

If that happened, the twins’ future schooling might be affected.

Diana had no choice except to stay.

Perhaps that might be for the better.

She narrowed her eyes as she recalled Zachary’s old, wrinkled face. She wished she could march up
to him right now and make him pay for everything he did to them!

If she wanted to take revenge, she couldn’t stay at Stirling City and continue operating her little fashion
business, and be satisfied with what little profits she would make.

Right now, she had to buck up and make her studio topnotch in Richburgh!

At the same time…

She would find the twins’ biological father.

She remembered Sean’s words at the hospital that day clearly.

Since the twins cared so much about their biological father and desperately wanted to find him, she
wouldn’t run away from it any longer.

Perhaps it was really time for her to try hard to find her memories back.

Still, these things were easier said than done. Diana racked her brain, wondering where to begin, but
there seemed to be a huge black cloth wrapped around it. Each time she tried to remember something,
it would hurt terribly.

Oliver saw her breaking out in cold sweat and couldn’t help but feel anxious. “What’s the matter?”

Was he going overboard and forcing her to a corner?

Yet, he really didn’t know that Diana had lost her memories.

Julian had always covered up news about Diana well, and that habit of his had never changed.

The only thing Oliver was clear about was that Julian had begun coming in contact with other women.
That gave him the chance to put a spoke in Diana’s wheel and approach her once again.

“Nothing, except for the fact that I can’t remember a single thing about my studio,” Diana said,
disappointed. “I need your and Ms. Smith’s help in many things.”

“No problem at all,” Oliver replied readily. He was willing to do anything as long as she stayed in

After they left the VIP room, he personally sent her to a hotel.

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