Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 828

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“I’ll order delivery,” Diana said. “Come and see what you’d like to eat.”

Sean shook his head. “I want something from the canteen.”

He had asked the nurses about it.

Although the food in the canteen didn’t taste great, it was easy on the stomach and great for Mommy’s
wound recovery.

He insisted on getting food from the canteen by himself.” Don’t worry.”

He showed Diana the meal card that he got from the nurse and said, “I won’t go to the canteen for
patients. I’ll go to the one for doctors.”

There were fewer people there, and therefore safer for a child like him.

The food in that canteen also tasted better.

Diana was shocked. “Who gave you that?”

“One of the nurses.” He smiled. “I didn’t do anything but flash them a smile. After that, they asked me
how I would get food.”

Sean received many meal cards after replying to them.

He picked one and thanked them, telling them

The nurses shrieked in excitement over his docility, reaching out to pinch his cheeks.

Since he was in the hospital and in need of help from others, Sean bore with it despite his reluctance.

Diana was taken aback. “Son…”


Diana choked on her saliva as she went on, “Why do I find you…rather scheming…?”

The aura he exuded bore some resemblance to that of Julian.

Why did she think of that man…?

Diana drove the ridiculous notion away from her mind, and looked at Sean.

The more she looked at him…

The more she found him resembling Julian.

She was going crazy!

Diana patted her cheeks to sober up.

Even if what Nina said was true-even if she and Julian used to be husband and wife…

The DNA test results were clear. Sean and Betty weren’t his.

Julian and his best friend had behaved as if she had betrayed Julian.

Her so-called betrayal was probably making a cuckold out of him.

It was merciful enough of him that he didn’t take her life.

She could finally understand the disappointment and hopelessness on Julian’s face the day he saw the
DNA test result.

However, she couldn’t remember anything at all-why she betrayed him, and for whom she betrayed

Whatever it was, he made it clear he would never contact her ever again.

Perhaps that was best for both of them.

She shouldn’t be thinking about him, or anything related to him at all.

“Mommy.” Sean’s calm voice interrupted her thoughts.” Shall I go and get our meals?”

Diana nodded. “Be careful on your way, and don’t get scalded by the food.”

Before she could say any further, a swarm of nurses flooded her room. “Ms. Winnington, please don’t
worry. We’ll take Sean there.”

Sean pursed his lips unhappily upon seeing so many women in the ward, but the moment he lifted his
head, there was an angelic look on his face. “Sure, thank you so much!”

“Oh, he’s such a good boy!”

“Quick! Let me pinch his little cheeks!”

“So smooth! So tender! So soft!”

Diana heard the nurses’ shrieks and thought about the fake smile on her son’s face. It was both funny
and heartbreaking at the same time.

Her cocky and cool son seemed to have grown up overnight. He had learned how to come to a

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