Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 827

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Diana was chasing them out of her house.

Nina was momentarily disappointed when she heard how distant and cold Diana sounded.

Her eyes turned red at once, and she mumbled, “Diana…”

She pulled the corner of Diana’s sleeve, refusing to let go. ” Do you really not remember anything at

Such a thing was far too cruel to them, who had been thinking of her and worried for her all along.

Unfortunately, Diana intended to return to Stirling City.

She didn’t want to be involved with any of these people.

She could only harden her heart. Facing the adorable lady standing before her, she said, “No, I
remember everything. I just don’t want to have anything to do with my past.”

She pushed Nina’s hand away. “I’m sorry.”

“Julian was right! She was lying when she claimed to have lost all her memories.” Vans glared
accusingly at Diana. “I really have no idea how you became like this. Julian treats you so well. How can
you disappoint him time and time again? And Nina, too. Can’t you feel how worried and concerned she
is about you?”

Yet, she gave them all up with a mere apology.

With a mere apology, she rejected all of their attempts to draw close to her.

“We’re the busybodies.” Vans pulled Nina’s arm to leave.” What are you doing standing here? She
doesn’t even want you as a friend. We should just go!”

Nina couldn’t resist him, and was dragged into his car.

Diana watched it drive off, feeling even more suffocated.

Sean had calmed down, and he looked up at Diana.” Mommy. Are you…very sad?”

She didn’t have time to be sad.

“I’m not.” Diana shook her head, feeling all spent with no energy left to discern between truth and
falsehood. “I’ll take you to the hospital right now.”

Betty was in a terrible condition.

She needed to be warded for further observation.

Diana finished the administrative procedures and settled Sean down on another bed.

A nurse dropped by with Betty’s medication, and was shocked to see Diana’s condition.

“How could you stay like this?” She immediately called for a doctor. “You have to take care of yourself
before you’re fit to take care of your own children! Quick, let the doctor dress your wounds again!”

Doctors simply couldn’t stand seeing patients who couldn’t care less about their own health.

After the doctor was done dressing Diana’s wounds, he forced her to stay in the hospital and be put on
an antiinflammatory drip.

“Your injuries are severe. If you don’t rest well, they will get inflamed,” he said. “Don’t move around

Sean stood at her side, and heard everything the doctor said.

“Mommy, lie down and rest.” He filled a cup with water and positioned the straw at the corner of Diana’s
lips. “I’ll take good care of you and Betty.”

Diana took a sip of water.

Sweetness, sorrow, and guilt filled her heart.

“Sean, do you want to find your daddy?”

If they had a father just like other children, they didn’t need to suffer alongside her. Diana would have
someone to take care of her and support her, and the twins would be able to hug their father and be
thoroughly spoiled.


With a father around, Zachary wouldn’t dare to hurt them.

Sean didn’t lie to her and said, “Yes, I do.”

After encountering Zachary, Sean thought, ‘If Mr. Julian really was our daddy, it doesn’t seem so bad.’

“Mommy…” Sean wanted to tell Diana about him switching out the samples, so she would fight for
another chance to do another DNA test.

But before he could open his mouth to speak, Diana’s stomach growled.

With that, the topic of finding a daddy was interrupted.

Sean glanced at Diana for a while, then hurried to Betty’s bedside to adjust her sheets. After that, he
touched her forehead to confirm she didn’t have a fever. He then said to Diana, “It’s time to eat,
Mommy. What do you want to eat? I’ll get it for you.”

Of course, Diana wouldn’t allow her little son to get food by himself.

He was still so small. He probably wouldn’t be able to reach the window in the canteen.

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