Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 826

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Betty couldn’t talk.

Her initial diagnosis by Vans who hurried over was selective mutism due to shock.

Next up, she had to go to the hospital’s pediatric department for further checks.

Diana didn’t dare delay things, and carried Betty in her arms as she rushed to the hospital.

Nina’s heart broke.

Her grudge against Diana over the past three years vanished without a trace.

She pulled Diana back and said, “Diana, don’t panic. Don’t you realize that you can’t lift your arm up?
What’s more, you are all black and blue. Aren’t you worried about Sean seeing you like this? Do you
want the twins to be hurt again?”


Diana didn’t want that.

Of course not!

One of her twins was so shocked, it made Diana feel so bad she could tear her hair out.

How could she not care about the other twin?

Yet, she was but one person.

She only had one body.

Who else would rush to bring Betty to the hospital if not her?

This was one of the pains of being a single mother.

What’s more, she had double the pain with twins.

Everyone claims that she was blessed to have twins, one boy and one girl, but being a mommy to two
children…was truly tough.

Diana had never felt so indignant before.

She felt remorseful, and her heart ached for her children.

Nina’s words reminded her of what she buried deep in her heart and didn’t want to think about. “I’m at
fault here. I shouldn’t have been so arrogant as to try to stop Zachary from leaving.”

Why couldn’t she have tolerated things?

Why must she provoke Zachary and make him apologize?

“I even said that I would make him regret it. What right do I have to say that?” She looked at her arm
hanging limply by her side, then at her children who were in their worst states she had ever seen them
in. She felt as if someone had slashed her heart multiple times; the pain was so excruciating, it was
almost numbing.

She tried to draw air into her lungs-they were so heavy they might as well be filled with stones,
suffocating her and weighing herdown.

She regretted going to Richburgh.

She should have just stayed in Stirling City-stayed in her place, and be satisfied with living a peaceful
and happy life with her twins.

So much has happened during the short period they arrived here.

This time, something had happened to Betty.

She couldn’t take it any longer.

Nina stared at Diana, and exploded. “What right do you have? Did you just ask what right do you have?
That’s your damned right as Julian’s woman! Your right as Diana Winnington! You had the ability to
conquer Richburgh’s high- end market single-handedly with your clothing business!”

Yet, everything ground to a sudden halt when she left three years ago.

“Why can’t you make him regret it? Even if we put aside all the above, even if you’re a nobody, you’re
still a mother!

Not allowing others to bully your children and stepping forward to protect them is what you should do!

You’re not wrong!

Why are you blaming yourself now?”

Zachary was the one who should be remorseful and punished severely!

“Diana,” Nina called; she knew that mothers are the ones who feel the worst when something happens
to their children.

She had never been a mother herself, so she didn’t understand how Diana felt.

Regardless, she was Diana’s best friend. She could see how terrible Diana was feeling.

She could only do her best to comfort Diana by saying,” After your child gets better, you must make
Zachary’s life a living hell! After all, you were able to chase James away. You’ll definitely be able to deal
with this old man.”

Diana didn’t know who James was.

“Even if what you said is true, that’s all in the past.”

And right now, Diana had no capacity to think about the past.

“Thank you for today,” she said as she turned to look at Nina and Vans. She held Sean’s hand with her
limp arm and reached out to carry Betty with her other arm. “I need to take my children to the hospital,
so I won’t send you out.”

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