Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 825

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Even if Diana wasn’t his woman, and even if they had gone their separate ways, Julian couldn’t stand
by and watch an evil person bully a widow and orphans.

He clenched his fist tightly and roared through the phone,” Zachary Winnington!”

He was enraged. ‘Didn’t I make myself clear to the Winningtons?! How dare he go after Diana!’

Zachary was immediately intimidated by Julian’s tone.

Being in advanced age and suffering from Parkinson’s disease, his hands and feet trembled
uncontrollably when he heard the anger in Julian’s voice. He didn’t even dare to reply; he quickly
gathered up his people and fled, almost scrambling in his haste to leave the place.

Nina breathed a sigh of relief, knowing she and Diana were safe for now.

Vans snatched the phone from Julian. “What happened?”

His voice was grave. ‘Nina! I’m asking you a question! Didn’t you hear me?”

It was the first time Nina had seen Vans so anxious, and she couldn’t help but smile. “I thought you
didn’t care about me anymore.”

After all, they hadn’t eaten or gone on dates together in the past three years. They only ever
communicated through phone calls.

Vans didn’t dissolve his engagement, but he also didn’t get married. He never held an engagement
ceremony, but the engagement was still in place.

However, he and Nina were supposedly broken up.

Yet they still acted like a normal couple, caring for each other, having long phone conversations, and
even watching each other snore on video calls.

Even so, moments of intense emotions like today were rare.

Seeing that she seemed nonchalant, Vans sighed irritably and ran his hand through his hair. “Nina! Are
you injured or not?”

Considering Diana’s condition, he was worried Nina might have suffered the same fate.

“Forget it!” The camera on the other end of the phone

For the first time in a long time, Vans said he was coming to find her.

It felt as if they were back to the moment when they first confirmed their relationship.

Back then, Vans had said the exact same words as her.

And then, they were together.

And now, in her most fearful and anxious moment,

Nina smiled apologetically. “I’m really fine. Take your time coming here. No need to rush.” She glanced
at Diana. “What about Julian? Is he coming?”

“Why should I go?” Julian’s voice came through from where he was standing out of the camera’s view.
“Nothing there concerns me. There’s no need for me to make a wasted trip.”

Julian’s words echoed deeply in Diana’s mind.

She had anticipated it. She knew this man wouldn’t come back to bother her again. But…

Why did her heart ache involuntarily?

Still, there wasn’t much time to dwell on it. She tidied her hair, washed her face, and put on a bit of
makeup to cover up the wounds on her face. Then, she went to Sean’s room.

Both of her precious children were still in the room. She wanted to comfort them in the best possible

“Sweeties,” Diana called as pushed open the door. She crouched down immediately, and opened her
arms to the two children. “Sean, come here. Mommy wants a hug.”

Sean didn’t move, and even Betty hesitated to approach her.

“What’s wrong?” Diana asked, pushing down her worries forcefully and smiling brightly for them. “Look
at Mommy. Mommy’s fine, right?”

She endured the pain as she spoke, and spun around to show them she was healthy. However, the
sweat on her face still slid down her cheeks.

At the same time, the tears Sean had been holding back finally fell. His voice was hoarse as he cried,
“Mommy… I’m sorry.” His shoulders trembled, and all his usual arrogance and coldness disappeared.
“I’m… sorry.”

He cried to the point he couldn’t even open his eyes. “I’m sorry… It’s all my fault!”

‘It’s because of me that Mommy got hurt! It’s because of me that those people hit her! I shouldn’t have
stabbed that man with a toy knife. I know I was wrong. I won’t do something like that ever again!’

But Betty, whose mouth remained sealed tightly shut and her eyes wide, continued to stare at Diana

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