Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 824

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Diana couldn’t understand what Zachary was talking about.

’Winnington Fashions? A clothing company? My meddling?’

However she remembered his name and every word he said. She ground her teeth, filled with hatred.

Before, she had never despised someone so much.

She wished he would drop dead right now!

Her eyes were bloodshot. “Zachary, you’ll regret treating me like this!”

‘Regret? If she hadn’t cuckolded Julian, I’d never dare to do such things. But now, why the need for any
reservations? Because we’re her natal family? Hah! Without Julian, the Winningtons would never be
her natal family!’

“Pah!” Zachary spat in Diana’s face. “You’re just like your father! I can’t wait to see how you’ll make me
regret it!”

As he spoke, he had someone bring a kettle filled with hot water. “If you don’t let go soon, I’ll pour this
on you.”

Today, he was determined to teach

Diana showed no fear. “Go ahead and do it!”

Her eyes were fixed on the kettle. If it right back onto his face, regardless of the consequences.

Even if she were scalded to death, she wouldn’t let him enter the children’s room!

Zachary was momentarily startled by the fiery anger in her eyes, so much that he went speechless and
couldn’t give any orders.

At that moment, Nina had returned. She had packed the clothes in a large sack and dragged them on
the ground, thinking it would be convenient to leave them here so that Diana wouldn’t make such a
mess again.

As soon as she entered, she was dumbfounded at the scene that greeted her.

Without hesitation, Nina picked up the table and chairs nearby, and hurled them at Zachary’s merry
band. “You shameless b*stards! Damn old fart, how dare you come here and hurt Diana!”

Nina thought of Diana’s appearance when she first arrived in Richburgh, of how the Winnington family
had hurt her deeply. She never expected that even after so many years, Zachary still wouldn’t change
his ways. He actually targeted Diana and the children!

“Get out! Out!” Nina swung the things in her hand, not caring about anything, and attacked Zachary’s
people with the fierceness of an enraged lioness.

The person holding the kettle was hit, and hissed in pain. Upon realizing swung the kettle and aimed it
at her.

“No!” Diana shouted.

Something in her mind seemed to be triggered, and she suddenly burst into tears. “Nina!”

Upon hearing her name called so familiarly, Nina she was quick to react.” Don’t worry, Diana!”

She grabbed the large sack of clothes behind her and held it before herself.

The hot water didn’t touch her at all.

Diana sighed in relief.

‘Thank goodness… Thank goodness an innocent person wasn’t hurt!’

However, Zachary and his group didn’t stop there.

Nina knew the Winnington family was driven by greed and loved to step on others to elevate
themselves. No matter how much she and Diana resisted them, it would be useless. It would only serve
to infuriate them even more.

Now, the most important thing was to find someone who could suppress them.

Without much time to consider her actions, she immediately pulled out her phone and called Vans.

“Where’s Julian?!” Nina yelled. “Zachary’s harassing his wife here! Ask him if he cares!”

Nina swiftly took a photo of Diana.

Taking pictures was her expertise. Although time was tight, she still managed to find the perfect angle
to capture Diana’s injuries and disheveled appearance.

When Julian saw it, he was momentarily speechless.

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