Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 822

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‘Apologize? I’d never apologize to someone who has no value to me!’ Zachary thought angrily.

Diana’s face swelled up from the blows.

Betty was scared, and started crying. She clung desperately to Diana and screamed repeatedly,
“Mommy! Mommy!”

Zachary was annoyed by her cries and snarled, “Stop crying! Let me tell you something! Without Mr.
Fulcher, you are nothing!”

‘Not only that, she had the gall to bring back two illegitimate children! What a wasted trip! They’re all
bad luck!’

Betty’s cries grew louder. She cried in a sharp and piercing voice.

‘Mommy’s getting hit! No!’

The little girl charged at Zachary without much thought, and attempted to bite him.

“Stop hitting Mommy! Stop!” Betty yelled, sinking her teeth into the old man.

A servant immediately intervened and pulled Betty away forcefully.

“No! No!” Betty was held tightly under the arm; no matter how much she kicked, the person refused to
let go.

Being held upside down and crying so intensely, her face quickly turned red, and she kept coughing
between sobs.

Seeing his sister and mother being treated roughly, Sean trembled in anger.

When Zachary wasn’t paying attention, he grabbed a toy knife, it still caused indescribable pain when it
pierced the body.

Zachary clenched his teeth, and his eyes widened be so bloodthirsty.

He raised his hand, ready to strike Sean. “You little b*stard! How dare you bite me!”

“Stop! Don’t hit him!” Diana stepped forward, disregarding her fractured arm. She snatched Betty from
the servant’s grasp and held her tightly in her arms.

But at that moment, she missed the opportunity

All she could do was watch helplessly as his crutch came down towards Sean.

No! She couldn’t let him touch her children!

The pain in her arm was intense, so much making a sound. She held Betty tightly in her arms and
quickly ran towards Sean.

Before Zachary’s crutch could hit, she shielded her children.


The sound of a heavy blow echoed in everyone’s ears.

“Waaah!” Even the usually calm Sean burst into tears.

Betty, already pale with fright, couldn’t even at Diana, whose forehead was dripping with sweat.

It hurt.

Her injuries hadn’t fully healed yet, and she couldn’t even take her antibiotics. Facing this turmoil, she
could feel her body shutting down. Everything hurt.

“Shh, don’t cry. It’s okay.” Holding back her tears, she safely returned the two children to the bedroom.

“Don’t be afraid, Betty,” Diana said. Then she turned to Sean. “Sean, take care of your sister. No matter
what you hear outside, don’t come out.”

With that, she locked the bedroom door with a click. She stood firmly in front of it and eyed Zachary

Sean had stabbed Zachary with a toy knife, though the old man wasn’t seriously injured. However,
having lived a pampered life and now hearing Diana say that she had produced two illegitimate children
and had offended Julian, his fury soared even higher.

With nothing holding him back, he grew ruthless. He wanted to punish that rude little brat and vent his

The situation had escalated to a point where a peaceful resolution was no longer possible.
Nevertheless, Diana stood before the door, refusing to budge an inch.

“Children need to be disciplined!” Zachary sneered. His old age showed on his face, covered in age
spots. His benevolence vanished from his eyes, leaving behind only ugliness.

“Give him to me and let me teach him how to respect his elders, and I’ll forgive him!”

‘Respect his elders? If it weren’t because I needed to protect my babies, I would’ve grabbed something
to smash his head with and fought him head-on!’

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