Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 823

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“I don’t have such a disgusting grandfather like you!”

Finally, Diana understood. Simon had told her how the Winnington family was heartless and
untrustworthy—now, she realized why she should have stayed away from them.

“Even your father doesn’t dare treat me this way! How dare you speak to me like that?” Zachary
couldn’t believe it.” Guards! Break down the door for me!”

‘Does she think she can stop me? As if I can’t do something as simple as disciplining a child!’

“You dare?!” Diana was pale; despite that, she leaned against the door and blocked it. She was
becoming more and more forceful.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Zachary wasn’t a reasonable person. “I’m your grandfather! Forget about the two
b*stards, I have the right to teach you a lesson!”

‘Grandfather? Hah! If even my own father could abandon me in the countryside, how great could a
grandfather who appeared out of the blue be?’

Although Diana couldn’t remember what had happened in the Winnington family, based on how
Zachary acted, she knew there was no affection between them.

She took a deep breath to ease the pain in her body, and yelled determinedly at him, “Stop calling them

They were both her precious children. No matter who their father was, they were precious to her!

They definitely weren’t illegitimate or b*stards.

She couldn’t let such a filthy word keep reaching their ears.

Zachary’s cane slammed onto the ground. “B*stards! Illegitimate brats! If they’re not Mr. Fulcher’s
children, they’re illegitimate!”


This time, Diana raised her hand and slapped Zachary on the face.

“I’ll say it again!” she growled; her eyes were red, and her hand was trembling slightly. “They’re not

“This is outrageous!” Zachary trembled in fury. He swung you hit me! How dare you?!”

He had gone mad with anger.

He used all his strength when hitting her.

“You despicable little wench! You should have died out there in the first place! It would’ve been better
than you now cheating on Mr. Fulcher and causing uncertainty for the entire Winnington family’s

He had finally enjoyed a few peaceful years, and now that Diana had family would rise even higher.
Alas, it had become a dangerous tower!

What’s more, the main culprit dared to hit him!

Even James hadn’t dared to lay a finger on him!

Yet, this greenhorn brat dared to attack him!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

He struck Diana’s head mercilessly.

Diana couldn’t fight back against the consecutive hits, but it didn’t matter.

Even if her head spun, she still held the doorknob tightly.

Zachary noticed it, and knew she was trying to protect the two children.

But the more she did that, the more infuriated he became.

He stopped hitting her, and tried to pry her hand away instead.

Diana gritted her teeth and held on, refusing to let go no matter what.

“You.” Diana swallowed harshly to ease the pain and snarled, “What’s your name?”

Zachary seemed to find it amusing. He sneered, “I’m your grandfather, Zachary! What, are you
pretending not to recognize me? You were the one kneeling outside the Winningtons’ residence,
begging to be recognized as part of the family! Now you’re acting like you don’t know me?”

He became more upset as he spoke.

“Don’t think I don’t know. Winnington Fashions wouldn’t have suffered such a disastrous fate if it
weren’t for your meddling!”

‘Since you can’t rely on Julian Fulcher anymore, I might as well vent my anger on you. I’ll show you
who truly deserves to be part of the Winningtons!’

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