Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 821

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And so, Zachary had taken the initiative and visited Julian.

He presented himself with a humble attitude. “Mr. Fulcher.”

Julian was busy reviewing documents, but when he heard the old man approach, he set aside his work
and greeted the latter. “Grandfather.”

Just that one simple form of address stunned Zachary. He froze, rooted to the spot.

Zachary was a cunning and experienced man.

With just a small clue, he could immediately understand. Julian had been supporting the Winnington
family not for Kayla, but for Diana!

And yet, Zachary had been completely unaware of it and allowed the Winningtons to abandon Diana.

Now that he finally received the news that Diana had returned to Richburgh, he naturally had to visit
and “claim” her. He wanted his precious golden ticket to enter his home.

“Mr. Fulcher has deep feelings for you,” Zachary sighed.” Although you don’t have a good relationship
with the Winningtons, he still wanted to reserve a place for you. A place where you could always

‘What? Is he talking about the same Julian I met? That domineering, cold-hearted, and temperamental

Diana bit her lip, and her nails dug painfully into her palm. She hesitated before saying, “He… For

Zachary interrupted her with a smile. “Mr. Fulcher has no reservations when it comes to you.”

Saying that, he gestured for the servant who had accompanied him to enter the room and pack her
belongings. “I heard there have been some misunderstandings between you two. Now, you can return
to the Winningtons with me.”

If he continued to hold on tightly to Diana, he would no longer worry about losing connections with
Fulcher Inc.

“Rest assured, Mr. Fulcher wouldn’t really have a falling out with you.”

“You’re wrong.” Diana shook her head and said honestly, “He said he would never see me again.”

She remembered Simon telling her that the Winnington family didn’t treat her well. Although Simon
didn’t mention this old man, the thought that he allowed James to mistreat her left no favorable
impression of him.

After hearing that, Zachary couldn’t maintain his smile anymore, and his murky eyes revealed his
cunning nature.” How is that possible?”

Diana felt uncomfortable under his scrutiny. However, the change only strengthened her resolve.

Regardless of whether this old man had told the truth, seeing his malicious intentions was enough. She

never go with him.

“It’s true,” Diana said. “My children are not his. After receiving the paternity test results this morning, he
left angrily.”

Even if they were truly married before, they would never have the chance to be together again. Such a
proud man would never allow his woman to be unfaithful.

Zachary was so angry, he snatched back the envelopes he had just given to the children.

“You blithering idiot!” he snarled at Diana. “It’s been three years, and you finally returned. I thought the
Winningtons could rise higher with your presence. Who knew you’d bring two b*stards with you!”

He glared at Sean and Betty, disgusted. “Don’t let me see you again in the future! Otherwise, I’ll sell

“Sir,” a Winnington family servant said, “should we continue packing?”

“No need! No wonder Julian let her live in such a rundown place. It seems he had long decided to
abandon this stupid woman!”

He waved his hand ferociously, as if trying to chase away bad luck. He said shrewdly, “Let’s go!”

However, Diana suddenly stood up and blocked his path, her face cold. “You trespassed into my
residence, tampered with my personal belongings, and insulted my children.”

She glanced at Betty, who was hiding fearfully behind her, and at Sean, whose face turned red with
anger as he understood their conversation.

Fearlessly, Diana demanded, “You owe me and the children an apology!”

Slap! Slap!

Zachary grabbed Diana’s hair forcefully, aimed for her face, and struck her.

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