Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 819

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Julian grabbed the phone from Vans and said, “Do you think I’m stupid, Nina?”

‘If Diana had lost her memory, I would’ve noticed something. But she was behaving completely
normally!’ Julian thought before returning his attention to the call.

“I know you were good friends with her, but Diana betrayed us.”

She didn’t actively contact anyone three years ago, or three years later.

Including Nina.

“Don’t trust her too much.” Julian looked at the pile of empty bottles on the table and repeated in a
whisper, “Don’t trust her.”

‘She’s a liar! A terrible liar who deceived my feelings!’

“She’s saying all this because she’s upset with the test results. Since I left, she made up a new lie.
But…!” Julian emphasized each word, banging on the table as he did so.” But I…!”

Til never go back!’

“No matter what tricks she plays, I won’t change my mind!”

Then, he hung up.

Nina was even more confused after the call. She admitted

that Julian’s words made sense, but Diana didn’t seem like she was lying.

Plus, it seemed that only memory loss could explain Diana’s silent coming and going.

Otherwise, how could Diana bear to do what she had done? How could she have contacted no one,
disappearing quietly and then returning just as quietly?

Nina wasn’t happy with how the previous call ended, so she called Vans again. “You and Julian are
drinking, right?”

She didn’t bother to wait for a reply, and snorted, “I’ve said everything I need to say. Whether you
believe it or not, I trust my best friend!”

She decided to take these clothes and go to Diana’s place again. She was determined to clarify

After Nina left, Diana’s mind was a mess.

She didn’t even hear the two children coming out of the bedroom and calling for her.

Sean was worried. He and Betty had just taken a nap in the bedroom, and when they came out, their
mother seemed absent-minded.

He held Diana’s hand and asked, “Mommy, what are you thinking about?”

Diana suddenly returned to her senses. She pushed away all her doubts and smiled at the two
precious ones. “Nothing. Mommy was thinking about how to find a nanny for you two.”

She hadn’t taken her antibiotics yet. The day would be almost over if she didn’t do it soon.

“You still haven’t found the right one?” Sean then volunteered, “Mommy, trust me. I can take care of
myself and my sister.”

Just as he finished speaking, another unfamiliar voice interrupted. “You’re still a child. How can you
take care of others?”

Diana looked up, and realized she hadn’t properly closed the door after Nina left.

And now… Another stranger had come in.

But this time, it was an old man.

He had white hair and walked with a cane, and looked quite ancient. But his clothes were undoubtedly
expensive, and Diana was very observant when it came to fabrics.

With just one glance, she knew he was wealthy.

It was strange.

She had just returned to Richburgh-how could she attract so many wealthy people?

Was what that Nina woman said earlier true? No, that couldn’t be possible.’

She couldn’t believe that Simon would deceive her.

Even if he had done so before, he wouldn’t continue to deceive her after she returned to Richburgh and
met Julian.

Otherwise, why didn’t he do everything possible to stop her from returning to Richburgh?

“What’s wrong?” the old man asked. Seeing Diana remain silent for so long, he asked again, “Don’t you
recognize me? Diana, I’m your grandfather.”

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