Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 817

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Nina had come to see the children, not to see Diana.

Diana almost stumbled from the forceful push. Confused, she was about to ask who this strange visitor
was, but the visitor said gruffly, “Hurry up and take these inside!”

She looked around casually and headed for the bedroom, asking, “Where are my godson and

Diana became furious. “Hey!”

She quickly grabbed Nina’s hand to stop the latter from opening the bedroom door. “Who are you? How
can you just barge into someone’s house? Don’t you have any manners?!”

Hearing this, Nina burst into laughter. Even as she laughed, she couldn’t conceal her anger.


There was no affection in her tone, unlike how she used to call Diana’s name. She poked her finger on
Diana’s forehead and continued, “You pretended to be dead, and now that you’ve finally returned to
Richburgh, you pretend that your brain’s fried?”

Diana had a vague sense that something wasn’t right. She felt her limbs go numb, and she trembled

She tried to control herself but couldn’t.

“What do you mean, pretending to be dead? Pretending that my brain’s fried…?” Diana muttered, her
voice fading.

She frowned and looked at Nina. “What…are you talking about?”

Seeing Diana’s bewildered expression, Nina’s smile disappeared. She withdrew her hand from Diana’s
forehead and asked seriously, “Diana, you…really don’t know me?”

“I really don’t.” Diana shook her head, confused.

Nina reacted quickly. “That’s impossible. You’re just embarrassed to acknowledge me because you
suddenly left us three years ago, right?”

She decided not to be angry with Diana anymore. She took out two envelopes that obviously had
money in them and said, “Stop messing around. Hurry and let me see the kids.”

Saying that, she tried to push the door to find the children.

Diana was frustrated. Why are so many people targeting her two babies recently?

Diana couldn’t possibly allow a stranger to enter the room to see the children before knowing who it
was, especially based on empty words alone.

Feeling awkward and embarrassed, Diana stopped Nina and explained, “I’m sorry. I have amnesia, so
I…I really don’t remember who you are.”

Nina’s eyes widened at the admission. She looked at Diana, puzzled. “Amnesia? What kind of joke are
you playing now?”

What a ridiculous excuse!

Like Julian, Nina involuntarily tried to make excuses for Diana. “If you apologize, I won’t be mad at you.
You’re saying this because you have your reasons, right?”

This woman… Why was she saying the same things Julian had said to her?

He also asked if Diana had her reasons, but she didn’t have any.

Diana looked at Nina and poured her a glass of water. “I really don’t remember. If you don’t mind,
maybe you can tell me what you know about my past.”

Seeing Diana’s serious expression, which didn’t seem fake, Nina’s resentment towards her vanished

Surprise overrode every other emotion in Nina’s mind, and her jaw dropped as she stared at Diana.
“You’re serious? You’re not lying to me? You really have amnesia?!”

Diana nodded. “Yes, I don’t remember anything from three years ago.”

“Then why did you pretend to be dead? Why did you leave Julian? Why did you leave Richburgh? Do
you really not remember if you betrayed Julian by being with Simon? You don’t remember any of these

There was a ton of information in the barrage of questions that Nina shot at her, and it left Diana
dumbfounded and unable to react.

“Stop,” she said, halting Nina’s incessant talking. “I betrayed Julian by being with Simon? What was my
relationship with

Julian in the past?”

Using the term “betrayal” was a serious accusation.

Nina choked at Diana’s question. “You were married to each other.”

How could she forget Julian too?


Diana stared at Nina in disbelief, unable to breathe.

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