Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 815

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Vans couldn’t understand. In the business world, Julian was as decisive as he could be. Yet when it
came to Diana, he was reduced to this state.

Vans also lit a cigarette, preparing himself for a long chat with Julian in the car. “Who told you that?”

Vans knew Julian needed someone to talk to now. Julian’s gaze fell on the former, and one word fell
through his lips.” Diana.”

Vans almost cursed out loud.

“Julian!” he yelled, clearly frustrated, “When did she tell you this?”

Julian thought for a moment. “This morning…”

Vans rolled his eyes. “She did it on purpose. Can’t you tell? You’re the most sought-after man in all of
Richburgh. Even after your divorce, there’s a ton of women from prestigious families who want to marry
you. Why do you think you’re not attractive to Diana anymore? Don’t you see that she’s saying stuff like
this to confuse you?”

“Confuse me?”

Julian was already in a mess. Why would Diana need to confuse him further? Even without doing
anything, she could already make him go around in circles all day long.

Vans probably realized this point as well, and awkwardly cleared his throat. “Okay, fine. Confuse might
not be the right word. Anyway, I think her words might be a lie. She intends to make you the father to
her children, but she didn’t expect that you had already done a paternity test.”

Julian knew that Vans was standing up for him as a friend, and the latter’s words were easily biased.
However, his ears automatically filtered out the negative things Vans said about Diana.

“Then tell me, why does Sean look so much like me when I was a child?”

“It’s hard to judge based on appearances,” Vans said. “I knew about Diana’s pregnancy even before
you did. Before it was confirmed, there were many days when you were separated. Moreover… On
New Year’s Eve, you’ve personally verified that she went to the Channings and didn’t come back all
night. She was with Simon.”

Vans’s words were already very clear. He was just short of pointing his finger at Diana and saying,
“That woman has already betrayed you, Julian. Wake up!”

Fortunately, Julian was finally starting to sober up. “Yeah…”

Based on the children’s age and when they were born, they were conceived around New Year’s Eve.

“Simon…” Vans glanced at Julian’s expression and instinctively touched his nose, bringing up
something that Julian didn’t want to mention. “He’s your half-brother from the same father, right?”

“Yeah,” Julian didn’t hide it from Vans. There was a time

when he got drunk after Diana left, and he told Vans about it.

“In that case, even if Sean is truly Simon’s child, it’s not surprising that Sean looks like you,” Vans said,
completely hitting the direction that Julian had been avoiding and deliberately not thinking about.

That was true.

If you look at it from the perspective of his blood relation with Simon, it wasn’t strange at all for Sean to
resemble him when he was a child. Simon might have looked like that when was a child. A child

undergoes significant changes from childhood to adulthood.

It wasn’t as if Julian hadn’t thought about it. He just didn’t want to. Yet, Vans had ruthlessly shattered
this final illusion he clung to.

“What about the paternity test…?” The hesitation in Julian’s eyes gradually disappeared. “Are you sure
there’s no chance for it to be wrong?”

“Of course,” Vans guaranteed, patting his chest. “From the moment I took the samples for the test to
the issuance of the results, I was the only one who knew about it. It’s impossible for anyone to tamper
with it.”

Julian fell into a brief silence.

When he thought about it, it made sense.

He seemed to have been the only one who cared about the DNA test results. Diana hadn’t seemed to
care much. Even if she did, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to tamper with it.

Yet, Julian could never say anything ruthless to Diana. In the end, he could only say to Vans, “Forget it.
I won’t see her again.”

Every time he saw her, she would get hurt.

Every time he saw her, he would also get hurt.

What was the point?

The best outcome was to be as clean as they were three years ago, and ignore each other completely.

“I won’t think about the children anymore,” he said, his voice calm and cold. There was deep
exhaustion on his face, and the cigarette in his hands continued to burn the whole time.” As for who
their biological father is, I’m not going to care about him anymore.”

His promise showed that he had come to terms with things.

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