Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 812

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In the end, it wasn’t Noel who arrived. Vans did.

His expression was somewhat grave as he stood at the doorway. Without even stepping into the room
to see the children, he said to Julian, “Come out with me for a bit.”

There was a hint of indescribable disgust as his gaze swept over Diana. She felt her heart skip a beat
under his piercing stare.

This man wasn’t Noel. She was about to ask Julian who he was, but Julian had already stood up and
was walking swiftly towards the exit. “Wait for me. I’ll be right back.”

It seemed this stranger was delivering the DNA test results. Perhaps she had misunderstood his
previous expression. After all, why would someone whose duty was to deliver test results harbor such
animosity toward her?

Diana breathed a sigh of relief, and even her grip on Betty’s hand loosened. Sensing the opportunity,
Betty wriggled free from Diana’s embrace and ran to the doorway, waiting eagerly.

With hopeful eyes, she asked Diana, “Mommy, what’s a D…?” She forgot the rest of the words, and
went on clumsily,” What’s that test? What does it mean?”

Sean didn’t even look up as he explained to Betty, “It’s something that tells us who our dad is.” Then,
he quickly slipped into his own bedroom and didn’t come out again.

There was no suspense in the outcome, so he didn’t bother waiting outside. He preferred to spend the
time reading books instead.

Once Betty saw her brother enter the room, she fell silent. However, her hands clasped together
nervously, betraying her excitement. Soon, Julian returned. Betty rushed towards him, her hands held
high as she squealed, “Hug!”

Julian glanced down at her, but he didn’t say a word. He didn’t embrace her affectionately like before.
Instead, his face was chillingly cold.

Back in Stirling City, Diana often saw agonizing long nights that brought an overwhelming coldness,
especially in winter. It was usually accompanied by heavy snowfall. It was the kind of coldness that
penetrated deep into one’s bones, and it caused people to shiver violently.

Forget about how Betty, a child, was standing before Julian. Even Diana, an adult standing two meters
away from him, could feel the devastating chill radiating off him.

She was instantly furious.

She stepped forward and lifted Betty into her arms, holding the girl tightly. “What’s with you? Why are
you angry at a child for no reason?”

Diana glared harshly at Julian, looking like she wanted to rip him to pieces.

Yes, that was the look in her eyes.

That was the hatred!

That was the unfamiliarity!

And yet, Julian always managed to find her supposed love for him in it. As it turned out, she didn’t love
him at all!

Otherwise, how could she have the heart to leave him three years ago? She didn’t seem to understand
she was in the wrong, just like when his father betrayed his mother.

It was why she felt justified in her actions.

She even went as far as faking her death…

Thinking about the heartache he had suffered for Diana and the tears he had shed for her sake, Julian
felt like a complete fool.

His lips trembled as he slapped the DNA test results on the table. “There you go, Diana. You got your
wish. From now on, we have nothing to do with each other!” ’

After saying that, he turned around and didn’t look back.

He walked out, blending into the darkness with Vans. The atmosphere in the room became tense.

Betty didn’t understand a thing. To her, it seemed that two adults were arguing.

She was terrified.

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