Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 814

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It seemed Diana couldn’t marry Simon anymore.

Julian, who had been eager to be the father of the two children, had also left.

Diana looked down at the DNA test report.

She should feel calm, but her emotions were turbulent. Her mind was a mess.

Whenever she closed her eyes, she could only see Julian pacing in the room. The unfinished
sandwiches on the table emitted a faint aroma.

Diana opened her eyes and sighed. She tidied up the items and put them away in the kitchen. She
thought about the unfinished food she hadn’t eaten, and the two children who needed care.

Soon, the inexplicable gloom in her heart dissipated.

Love or fondness, it didn’t matter. Perhaps it was even simply an illusion.

These were things that only the rich and idle could ponder, and they were things far removed from her

For now, she needed to focus on her current life. The biggest challenge right now was not the DNA test
report, nor Julian’s cold and decisive attitude upon seeing the report.

It wasn’t even about finding the biological father of her two children.

The most important thing was to recover her health quickly and take good care of the children.

After comforting Betty for a while and sending her to play with Sean, Diana immediately pulled herself
together. She started making phone calls throughout the city to find a suitable nanny to take care of the

The sky was clear, and the air was fresh—they were a complete contrast to Julian’s stormy mood.

He sat in the car, smoking cigarette after cigarette.

Vans couldn’t bear to see him like this.

“Julian,” he called out worriedly. He had already warned Julian beforehand that those two children
might not be his. It was Julian who had convinced himself that Diana would never betray him.

He had hoped to use this DNA test report to confront Diana, as evidence to force her to reveal the truth
as to why she left him three years ago.

But what did reality give him? The truth was simple-Diana had betrayed him!

Not only did she leave him, but she also got pregnant with someone else’s child.

The hot ashes from the cigarette fell on his fingers, but his expression remained unchanged.

There was a faint glimmer of hope in his eyes as he asked Vans, “Was I too impulsive?”

He shouldn’t have left immediately after seeing the test results, and he definitely shouldn’t have said
those things to her.

Diana must be so heartbroken.

And Betty… She had been standing at the door waiting for him with an eager gaze, as if she wanted
him to carry her.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t his daughter.

Vans could sense the disappointment in Julian’s words, and sighed deeply. “Julian, is there no hope for

There were so many women in the world.

Couldn’t Julian just move on from Diana? She had betrayed him!

Before seeing the test results, Vans had also fantasized about how maybe he had misunderstood
Diana. Yet after seeing the results, he gave up all hope.

Diana didn’t deserve to be his friend.

It was why he personally brought the test report to see Julian.

After regaining his senses, Julian began to drift off again. He looked up with icy eyes, and then uttered
what Vans felt to be the most ridiculous statement: “The children are not


Vans nodded. “So what? What are you trying to say?”

Seeing Vans’s reaction, Julian furrowed his brow and repeated, “I’m saying the children aren’t Simon’s.”

Julian was just smoking, not drinking.

Despite that, Vans could clearly see a hint of intoxication on Julian’s face. The man refused to accept
that the two children weren’t his, and he certainly didn’t want to accept that Diana left him three years
ago-not out of necessity, but because she had betrayed him.

Vans sighed again.

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