Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 813

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Betty wanted to seek comfort from Sean, but he had already gone into his room.

Only she and Diana were left in the living room. She could only hold onto her mother’s clothes and ask
cautiously,” Mommy, Uncle Julian… Can’t I ride a horsie anymore?”

Upon hearing her daughter’s sweet voice, Diana snapped back to reality. Just a moment ago, Julian left
and said there was nothing between them anymore.

A large part of her felt indescribably devastated, though she didn’t understand why. It left her feeling
hollow and numb.

“No, you can’t,” she replied, her voice slightly shaky.

She picked up the DNA test results and carefully read through them. It stated that there was no
biological relationship between the tested individuals, confirming that Betty and Sean had no blood ties
with Julian.

This was what Diana had expected, and it was an anticipated fact. Julian was the one who went mad
and refused to admit it, insisting that he was their father.

This was a logical and expected result, but why did it make her feel uneasy?

After hearing Diana’s response, Betty lowered her head in disappointment.

“Oh.” She had finally gotten the chance to ride on someone’s shoulders like other kids, but it was gone
so quickly.

She felt sad and disappointed. After a slight pause, she asked, “Can I ride on Uncle Simon’s horsie,

If Simon agreed, she could consider her brother’s words and work hard to persuade him to become
their father.

Speaking of Simon, he hadn’t appeared before Diana for a few days. Diana knew he was giving her
time to think.

He would only appear once he received her answer. Simon was always respectful in this way, which
was why Diana couldn’t make extravagant requests to him-such as asking if Betty could ride on his

“No, you can’t,” Diana said, repeating the same words.

Seeing her daughter’s disappointed little face, her heart ached. “If you really want to play horsie, I can
do it once my arm gets better, okay?”

It wouldn’t be the same.

If Betty rode on Mommy’s back, Mommy wouldn’t be able to handle it. Their neighbor Faye said that
riding the big horsie could only be done on Daddy’s shoulders, because he was strong as a mountain
and wouldn’t be crushed under her weight.

“It’s okay.” Betty shook her head. Even a small child like her knew how to hide her disappointment from
her mother. “I didn’t have a daddy to begin with, so if I can’t ride, then I can’t ride.”

She wouldn’t be disappointed.

Betty forced a smile for Diana’s sake. “Mommy, don’t be sad. I won’t ride anymore.”

Diana was taken aback. “Do I look sad?”

Betty raised her hand and wiped away Diana’s tears. Her wide, innocent eyes looked at Diana with
utmost sincerity.” You were crying. Mommy, do all grown-ups act like this? They don’t even cry when
they’re sad.”

Diana shook her head. “No.”

She didn’t expect to cry. Had she really developed feelings for Julian in the short time they interacted,
to the point his heartless words would make her cry?

It couldn’t betrue.

She knew herself well. She couldn’t have fallen for Julian to such an extent. Besides, there was still
Simon between them. No matter how handsome Julian was or how shallow she was, she couldn’t
possibly shed tears because of Simon’s brother.

Diana crouched down, treating Betty as an equal rather than an ignorant child. “I just feel very
disappointed. I’m sorry, sweetie. Mommy hasn’t been able to find your real father yet. r»

She had been trying to find their biological father, but hadn’t made any progress.

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