Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 810

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Well, as long as Fanny wasn’t going to ask Diana to pay her back even before they met, Nina was
alright with it.

Diana had two mouths to feed right now, and probably couldn’t afford such an expense.

Nina heaved a sigh of relief. “Yes, she’s back. She came back with Simon.”

Fanny’s face changed ever so slightly. “Simon Channing?”

Simon disappeared for three years. Did he disappear together with Diana…?

However, she didn’t express anything further and said,” Please, come in.”

She wanted to have an exclusive interview, and she was willing to give Nina that opportunity.


Betty’s words had led Julian to misunderstand.

Diana hurriedly explained herself, “I’m not jealous! Betty was too happy just now, and said that out of
jest. Don’t mind her.”

Don’t mind her?

How could he not mind?

He put in so much effort, to the point of crawling on all fours on the floor. It was clearly just so Betty
would call him


Her address of him as Daddy was akin to a potion that made Julian so happy, he almost lost his sense
of orientation.

But now, Diana was pouring cold water on him and insisting that Betty had said it out of jest.

Obviously, he wasn’t happy to hear that.

Julian didn’t try reasoning with Diana and immediately crouched down to Betty’s height. “Betty, am I
your daddy or not?”

Betty hesitated.

Mommy would never agree to having Mr. Fulcher as her daddy.

Betty glanced at Diana and slowly lowered her head, intertwining her fingers together as she said
softly, “You’re Doreen’s daddy…”

“Haven’t I explained that already?” Julian said patiently. ” She’s not my daughter. You are.”

This time, Betty’s face bloomed like a flower.

Of course, she was undeniably happy about that.

Every child in this world fancies their father.

Especially a child like Betty, who never had one before.

Julian was tall, handsome, and rich. He was even capable of bringing her to the doll section at the

He let her choose whatever she wanted from so many dolls.

He even knew how to make breakfast and cook lots of food that she liked. He had a huge house and a
beautiful children’s room…

Everything about Julian fulfilled Betty’s dream of having a father.

Especially when he repeated that he wasn’t Doreen’s daddy twice.

In that case, he could be her daddy now!

She would be able to sit on his back and hug his neck while riding a horsie, just like what she did today.
He would even be able to lift her up high!

Standing on his shoulders, she felt like she could touch the stars in the sky.

Everything excited Betty beyond belief.

And yet, Mommy wouldn’t agree to it.

She wanted to get married to Mr. Channing.

Sean wouldn’t agree to it, too.

Sean said it was her mission to make Mr. Channing their daddy.

Even though she had completely forgotten about this mission, given Sean’s ‘authority’ over her, it was
still at the back of her mind.

“Don’t spout nonsense to my daughter.” If Diana had a broom at hand, she would have used it to chase
Julian away without a second thought! “Was it not enough that you previously tried to snatch my
children away? Are you changing tack now and trying to lure my daughter away?”

No wonder he was treating them so well.

The great Mr. Fulcher was even willing to crawl around on the floor.

As it turned out, she wanted to snatch other people’s children!

Diana was so furious, she lost all her appetite. She pulled her twins behind her and warned Julian, “I’ve
told you before, they’re not Simon’s children. Please don’t have designs on them. You can forget about
bringing them into the Fulchers!”

Even if they were Simon’s own flesh and blood, Julian had no right to take them away!

After all, even Simon hadn’t acknowledged the Fulchers’ ancestors as his own.

Simon didn’t even change his family name.

These were all details Diana had searched regarding Simon after discovering about the relationship
between the two of them.

To Julian, Diana was practically being unreasonable.

His eyes turned dark with displeasure as a storm brewed in them. “I’m not going to argue with you.”

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