Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 811

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For a moment, Diana stared deep into Julian’s eyes.

A second later, she rallied and continued to confront him.

At this point, Julian was exhausted. He just wanted to throw the evidence in her face and be done with

“I’ll have someone send the DNA test report.” Julian glanced at Diana and then averted his gaze. “After
you’ve seen the results, we can discuss all this nonsense.”

“DNA test?” Diana’s mouth dropped open. Finally, she understood why Julian took the two little ones
away a few days ago.

He actually…

Had them undergo a paternity test in secret!

He took it upon himself to do such an illegal thing, without her consent as their mother!

But… In Richburgh, he was the law. He was the authority.

She didn’t know why, but the thought suddenly popped into her mind.

Diana was instantly defeated, and her voice gradually faded away. Powerlessness washed over her
upon the realization that she couldn’t protect her own children.

Perhaps coming to Richburgh was a mistake.

She should have listened to Simon’s words and carefully considered them. She shouldn’t have
assumed that her children would prosper and be happier in Richburgh simply because of its excellent
living conditions.

For the first time, she had doubts about her own choices.

“Yes,” Julian said, “I believe I’m Sean and Betty’s father.”

His certainty made Diana doubtful. The esteemed tycoon couldn’t possibly be a fool who would make
unreasonable claims such as her children were his.

Could it be…? Was he truly connected with her?

Yet everything Diana should’ve known about him would have been lost together with her memories. If
she and Julian really were connected, why didn’t Simon tell her that she knew Julian?

Seeing her silence, Julian’s expression alternated between red and white. “Diana, just give me five
more minutes. In five minutes, Noel will arrive with the test results.”

By then, there would be solid evidence.

Let’s see what excuse she would cook up to deny his blood connection with the children!

Diana remained silent. Just five more minutes-fine, she was willing to wait. If Julian… If he truly were
the children’s father, it would fulfill her desire to find their biological father.

But if he wasn’t… Then it would prove that Simon didn’t deceive her and had no intention of hiding
anything from her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have stayed with her for so long without mentioning Julian.

Time slowly passed.

The five minutes felt exceptionally long.

Diana held the two children in her arms without saying a word. Betty would occasionally glance around;
ever since Julian said that he wasn’t Doreen’s father, she would smile at him.

Julian sat on a chair as he watched them, brimming with confidence.

Only Sean kept his head down, his determination hidden from everyone’s sight. He had no intention of
telling anyone about him switching the DNA samples.

After all, Mommy said she had only met Julian after returning to Richburgh. That meant he couldn’t be
their dad.

Whether the sample contained his or Betty’s hair, it wouldn’t affect the test results.

And now, they waited together with Julian.

Then, they would see him give up.

Sean was confident that Julian would never come to bother Mommy again or cause her harm. He and
his sister could stay by Mommy’s side forever, and no one would take them away!

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